The time we spend at emlyon business school stays with us for life. Why not stay in touch with your School and the 29,000 alumni across the world thanks to the emlyon business school forever network?   And of course, you are welcome to return to campus to acquire new skills at any time.

emlyon business school forever


Being a member of emlyon business school forever means having access for life to a powerful network and to a range of services that are constantly being renewed. By being part of the network you can:

  • Create opportunities and make new contacts by combining networking, business and pleasure
  • Gain inspiration and new ideas by sharing experiences and knowledge
  • Benefit from careers support throughout your professional life
  • Contribute together to the reputation of the school across the world.

Alumni Network

  • 29,000 alumni, spread across 118 countries
  • 30% in the Rhône-Alpes region, 40% in the Paris region
  • 20% living and working abroad
  • 10% elsewhere in France
  • 100 career workshops and conferences delivered every year
  • 30 business and leisure clubs

Support your school


There are many ways you can support your school, for example, by donating your company apprenticeship tax, by supporting the I.D.E.A development campaign. By becoming a partner of EMLYON FOREVER you can help us Educate Entrepreneurs for the World.

Executive training

Executive education

The career of a manager today passes through many stages. Life-long learning is essential to be able to adapt to new challenges, succeed in a new industry, step up to a new role or even launch your own business. The executive education activity of emlyon business school offers a wide range of programmes to help develop your skills at every stage of your career.

Access to executive education website

The Incubator

Nurture an idea and it will grow

Michel Coster, Director of the emlyon Incubator :« The emlyon Incubator, founded upon a long-standing entrepreneurial heritage, aims to play a role as an accelerator of projects. It provides structured access to mentors and advisors, an introduction to the relevant business networks, and a profile within the markets of reference. It galvanizes its entrepreneurs in their search for excellence ».

Find out more about the Incubator Read the Incubator blog