Interview with Aude Laznowski (Programme I.D.E.A.), co-organizer of Startup Weekend Education



What is Startup Weekend Education?

It is an opportunity to bring together researchers and education and training professionals to work on a single topic and thus share their diverse expertise. Some 60 participants will meet and work for 54 hours in multidisciplinary teams, assisted by mentors, in order to propose a start-up project. This first edition, the only one of its kind in France, aims to rethink higher education in France and foster the emergence of entrepreneurial ventures in this field.  This edition will be held from 1 to 3 April 2016 on the premises of the CPE Lyon Engineering School. 

How can people take part?

People can register on our Eventbrite page. Ideas for projects can be proposed on Friday evening. Teams will then be formed around the selected ideas.  

The teams will work for 54 hours, assisted by expert mentors (in business plans, law, communications, marketing, public speaking, sociology, anthropology, design, etc.), in order to propose the best company project. Finally, on Sunday evening, the teams will present their project to a jury.

How did you end up becoming co-organizer of this event?

As a student in the Programme I.D.E.A. in 2014, I heard the SmartUp association at emlyon was organizing a Startup Weekend. I wanted to help out for the very first Startup Weekend Women’s Edition. I then submitted a proposal to hold an event on the topic of education.  

What did you get out of the two years you spent in the I.D.E.A. Program?

Two extremely enriching years. We share skills, we learn with others, we improve by listening. Above all, we meet a lot of people from completely different backgrounds, which helps to open up in new ways. This program enables us to learn by doing, testing, tinkering, making mistakes, discovering and opening up. We work a lot on group projects, which is in my opinion the best possible experience to get a sort of “reality check”!