Maxime Le Tellier, emlyon business school student, has been selected for the Adecco “CEO for One Month” scheme!


At 24 years old, this student of the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole programme MSc will become the right hand man of Adecco France’s President from mid-june to mid-july.

Over 5000 students applied for the opportunity to follow Christophe Catoir, President of The Adecco Group, France. After an eight-week selection process, 12 applicants took part in a bootcamp in Lyon during which they were able to demonstrate their quality and potential. At the end of this final test, Maxime officially became “CEO for One Month”

“What I liked most about Maxime, is the fact that he is genuinely focused on other people, he is extremely empathetic and listens well”, said Christophe Catoir in Le

emlyon business school is extremely proud and wishes Maxime Le Tellier all the best in this exciting adventure. In 2016, it was Camille Clément who won the national and international edition of “CEO for one Month”; Maxime will once again prove our students’ talent and promotes the school’s “early maker” spirit.

“Maxime will be a fabulous ambassador for his generation, as was Camille Clément last year”, said Christoph Catoir.

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