One Handshake Away, travelling to meet early makers abroad



Coline Vacher, student on the  MSc in Management - Grande Ecole, is to spend three months in Asia and Oceania with emlyon business school graduates to understand the world they live in.

For Coline, “early makers are people who make their own dreams come true, they are free to imagine, to achieve and to make mistakes and start over.  They are the captains of their own destiny and major players in their environment. They are the masters of their own lives.”

From September to December, Coline will bring the career paths of graduates in different countries in Asia and Oceania to us. The questions she will be asking include: In what ways was emlyon business school a school of life for you and a major player in your plans? How do you relate to the world around you and your way of life?

To find out the answers to these questions, she is going to travel the world to meet them. Whether they graduated in 1982 or 2016, are financial consultants in Japan or run a diving school in Indonesia, they all have one thing in common: they spend every day living their dreams.

And she’s off! Coline left on Thursday 21 September. First stop: Japan!

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