Pedagogical Innovation

Today’s graduates are likely to change role at least ten times during their professional life. The school's entrepreneurial pedagogy equips them to adapt, innovate, take risks, be open to the world. Unlike “learners” receiving knowledge from “knowers”, our students are the driving force behind their own learning project, a new way of learning to suit the new world.

Entrepreneurial Pedagogy

At emlyon business school we advocate entrepreneurial pedagogy. Instead of being the central point of a programme designed by other people, students develop their own learning projects in line with their ambitions, their talents and motivations.

The emlyon business school Faculty are there to support them in building their projects, create a constructive environment and provide the resources they need (content, methods, behaviour).

What is entrepreneurial pedagogy ?

  • Active pedagogy, project-based and encouraging engagement, initiative and creativity.
  • Collaborative pedagogy, encouraging teamwork and use of resource networks (other students, teachers, graduates, companies, etc.).
  • Systemic pedagogy, breaking down barriers between disciplines in order to solve complex problems.
  • Open pedagogy, exposing students to diverse cultures, skills, perspectives.
  • Reflective learning, encouraging self-awareness, personal development and the ability to learn from experience.
  • Critical thinking, encouraging the development of critical faculties and the ability to question the status quo.

Entrepreneurial pedagogy in practice

  • Application of a competencies-based approach.
  • Support for the international, off-campus Bachelor Project  through a forum and feedback channels.
  • Acquisition of scientific research skills through a team-based social sciences research project.
  • Experience of collaborative work through social networks.
  • Creation of a collection of entrepreneurial case studies to hone critical faculties and debating skills.
  • Team-based  Start-a-Company project.
  • A different approach to leadership through a group commando training session with the French Air Force Academy.
  • Lessons designed to sharpen critical faculties, such as controversial marketing, alternative management.
  • Developing serious games and educational games.
  • Cultural immersion through a semester in Shanghai and international internships and exchanges.