The clusters

Entrepreneurship & Growth

By drawing upon emlyon business school’s renowned expertise in and dedication to entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship & Growth Cluster, directed by Michel Coster, Professor of Entrepreneurship, addresses the transformation of techno-economic ecosystems that generate growth and create wealth. Discover it here.

Lifestyle & Consumption

The Lifestyle & Consumption cluster, directed by Michel Phan, Professor of Marketing, positions itself as a trend laboratory. But first, it seeks to understand the constantly evolving mechanisms of influence and the balance of power between consumers and producers. Its goal is to define and share the production-consumption models of tomorrow. Discover it here.

Work & Organizations

Faced with the alarming necessity to transform the organization of labor and the relationship to work, the Work & Organizations cluster, directed by Fabienne AUTIER, Professor of Management and Human Resources, is to provide a constructive analysis of the transformation of organizations and labour and to experiment with new models within companies. Discover it here.