World Entrepreneurship Forum

The World Entrepreneurship Forum is the world’s leading think tank devoted to entrepreneurs as  key creators of wealth and social justice. An emlyon business school initiative, it is a community of 250 members from 70 countries who meet every year to find entrepreneurial solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

A student movement, the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum, works in tandem with the think tank, bringing together over 10,000 students from across the world.

Leading think tank on entrepreneurship

The World Entrepreneurship Forum is recognised as the world’s most authoritative entrepreneurship think tank. A global entrepreneur network, NGO leaders, experts and political leaders join forces throughout the year, with their work culminating in a three-day event aimed at finding solutions to build the world of 2050 by placing entrepreneurs at the centre of wealth creation and social justice

Founded by emlyon business school, KMPG, OnlyLyon, Nanyang Technological University, Action Community for Entrepreneurship and Zhejiang University, the Forum encourages all forms of entrepreneurship that integrate economic and social objectives. It is a platform for sharing ideas, networking and making a commitment. It encourages members to get involved by implementing entrepreneurial initiatives in their countries of origin.

Entrepreneurs for the World Awards

The annual Entrepreneurs for the World Awards recognise the entrepreneurial success and involvement in society of entrepreneurs, NGO founders, political leaders and young entrepreneurs.

Recent winners include Anneli Hulthén, Mayor of Gothenburg, for the development of an entrepreneurial city; William Drayton, whose NGO Ashoka is a leading example of social entrepreneurship; Dr. Howard H. Stevenson, the Harvard Professor considered to be the founder of entrepreneurial education; and Reese Fernandez, co-founder of Rags2Riches for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

Junior World Entreneurship Forums

The Junior World Entrepreneurship Forums are organised in different countries across the world by teams of students and attract up to 10,000 students per year.  Representatives from the Junior Forums attend the annual World Entrepreneurship Forum to report back on their recommendations. The Junior Forums offer young entrepreneurs and students a unique opportunity to meet and work with leading players in the world of entrepreneurship.  

World Entrepreneurship Forum 2015

Oct. 11th - Oct. 22nd, 2015

Seventh edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum to be held in Hangzhou .

White Paper

Download the latest World Entrepreneurship Forum white paper on Entrepreneurship: a driver for innovation and technology which captures the key recommendations from the 4th Edition held in Singapore in November 2011.

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