The clusters

Work & Organizations

The Work & Organizations academic cluster addresses the transformation of organizations and work. Directed by Fabienne Autier, its mission is to produce data and to perform analysis and experiments –insidecompanies – and to provide operational analytical frameworks for the participants of emlyon programs and indeed,all emlyon stakeholders, to enable them to take full advantage of these transformations. Discover it here.

Lifestyle & Consumption

The Lifestyle & Consumption cluster’s mission is to make an academic contribution, to produce actionable knowledge and to inform EMLYON stakeholders about issues related to lifestyles and consumption patterns. Its goal is also toreveal the deep transformations that occur but generally go unnoticed, and to help organizations, public agencies and associations to look beyond the apparent reality of day-to-day life. Discover it here.

Entrepreneurship & Growth

The Entrepreneurship and Growth cluster, directed by Michel Coster, aims to break new ground in ‘Business Mediation’ i.e. to connect the scientific and business worlds and to support all emlyon activities that facilitate the evolution of institutions that ‘resist’ these changes. To achieve this goal, the Entrepreneurship and Growth cluster brings together and draws upon the expertise of international research centers of excellence, innovative training programs, an incubator/accelerator, business networks and institutions, as well as an international event. Discover it here.