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Projects assigned to our students

Grand IDEA projects:

The teaching offered to students on the Grande Ecole programme - I.D.E.A. path (Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship & Arts) is based on "design thinking" and is delivered by multidisciplinary teaching staff including designers, engineers, anthropologists and specialists in entrepreneurship.
In their final year of the programme, the students are assigned an in-company innovation project in the form of a work-study contract (1 week of school / 3 weeks in the company). Grand IDEA projects can involve developing a service, product or system that will bring about change or innovation.
The project environment can be either in the service sector or in industry and applies to start-ups and SMEs as well as middle-market firms and major groups.


Key dates:

-          The call for projects takes place from June
-          End of September/early October: companies submit their projects
-          October-December: allocation of projects and preliminary study phase (mini-IDEA)
-          January-July: work-study contract with early prototype deliverable

For more information, please see:

Fiche mission GRAND IDEA.docx 46,71 kB

Plaquette GRAND IDEA-201718.pdf 1,91 MB

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ELP (Entrepreneurial Leadership Project):

International strategic consulting project assigned to a team of 4 experienced students from our MBA programmes (International and Executive).

Key information:

-       Length of project: 9 months, from October to July
-       Team of 4 English-speaking students of different nationalities
-       Call for projects opens from June 2017 for the year 2017/2018
-       Mid-September presentation of projects to students for selection/allocation to various teams (not all project proposals will necessarily be selected)

For your information, please see the profiles of our International MBA 2016/2017 students (you will work with the 2017/18 MBA year group):   CVBOOK International MBA 2016/2017

Download the project summary form below:

MBA ELP FORM.docx 654.92 kB


Global BBA Field Study:

Studies carried out in groups by 1st-year students on our Global BBA programme (Saint-Étienne and Paris): customer satisfaction surveys, market research, retail pricing, etc.

Key information:

-       Between October and January
-       2 half-days per week
-       Groups of 4 to 6 students
-       Call for projects opens from June 2017
-       Studies can be completed in English or in French

For more information, please see:

Fiche descriptive des enquêtes terrain 2017 2018.pdf 146,51 kB

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For any questions, please contact Véronique Debiesse, Employer Relations Coordinator: debiesse@em-lyon.com / 04 78 33 78 92