emlyon business school’s governance team reflects our mission of Educating Entrepreneurs for the World. Both the Board of Governors and Executive Team are made up of senior figures with substantial experience in education and running businesses from start-ups to major international groups.

Founding members representing the CCI of Lyon
  • Emmanuel IMBERTON // Chairman
  • Xavier PELLETIER // Chief Executive
  • Pierre-Emmanuel FANTON // Chairman, Education Commission
  • Philippe GUERAND // Vice-Chairman, Education Commission
  • Fabrice LENOIR // Chairman, Proximity and Entrepreneurship Commission
  • Sophie DEFFOREY-CREPET // Treasurer

College of EMLYON partners

  • Isabelle BOURGADE // Chief Executive, CIC Lyonnaise de Banque
  • Philippe-Loïc JACOB // Chairman, Eco-Emballages
  • Silvano SANSONI // Vice-Chairman, IBM France
  • Harry TOURET // Deputy Managing Director in charge of Human Resources, Groupe SEB

 College of Alumni and future Alumni

  • Guillaume TOUZE // Chairman of emlyon business school forever alumni network
  • Mohamed SOLTANI // Vice-Chairman of emlyon business school forever alumni network

Qualified Personalities

  • Bruno BONNELL // Chairman of the Board, A.E.S.C.R.A. | Chairman, Robopolis
  • Jean-Claude MICHEL // Vice-Chairman of the Board, A.E.S.C.R.A. | Consultant in Management and Participation
  • Raphaël APPERT // Chief Executive, Crédit Agricole Centre-Est
  • Francis BIDAULT // Professor, European School of Management and Technology (ESMT)

Executive Committee

Tugrul ATAMER Vice-Dean
Fabienne AUTIER Associate Dean for Faculty
Jean-Yves BOUVET-MARECHAL Corporate Resources’ Director
Teddy BREYTON Head of the Dean's office
Renaud  CHAMPION Director of the emerging intelligences
Tawhid  CHTIOUI Dean emlyon business school Africa
Françoise DANY Executive Education and Corporate Affairs Director
Philippe MONIN Academic Director
Thierry PICQ Director, early maker development
William  WANG Dean emlyon business school Asia 里昂商学院亚洲 校长