Our students and graduates are engaged in

  • 30 associations that contribute to the dynamism and influence of emlyon business school. CSR is part of the Commitment Charter that students sign. Associations in the Pôle Hommes & Partage (People and Sharing centre) make up the principal component: Astuces-Lycéens - cHeer Up - Noise emlyon -  Planet&Co - Solidari'terre
  • The emlyon business school forever alumni network created aClub d’Affaires Demain Durableor Club for Sustainable Business for Tomorrow. The club encompasses broad and varied fields, including social entrepreneurship, CSR, environment, the sharing economy, renewable energy and social innovations, and its objective is to show that reflection on these themes is now at the heart of the strategy of the businesses of tomorrow!
  • The emlyon business school foundation guides and supports the development of emlyon business school while promoting social openness and diversity. Our results.