Outreach Programme

Launched by EMLYON in 2006, the award-winning MultiCampus MultiDistrict Link programme is now France’s number one outreach programme in terms of young people tutored per year. CENTRALE LYON has now become a partner on the programme which is also supported by Ernst & Young and which was recognised by the French Ministry of Education in 2011.

Facts and Figures

No 1 outreach programme in France for number of young people tutored each year

Over 200 EMLYON and CENTRALE LYON students involved as student-tutors

12 partner schools (lycées)

450 high school students supported each year

80 students attending preparatory classes for entrance to Grandes Ecoles

Supported by 

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Multi Campus Multi District Link Programme

The programme aims to open up access to higher education opportunities for young people who may not otherwise have had the opportunity. It targets students in high school in France’s priority education areas or institutions with similar social and cultural characteristics.

The programme builds strong links between high school students and their counterparts in higher education. It combines academic support, cultural and entrepreneurial development and shared experiences.  


The Astuce-Lycéens association is a forum for the programme’s 200-plus student-tutors. It supports extra-curricular activities in culture, science or sport jointly organised by high school and higher education students.

The association has recently been awarded the Citizenship Trophy by the Progrès Group and the Rhône-Alpes Diversity Group, and the Student Citizen Prize by the ADECCO Foundation.

Partner Schools


  1. Lycée F. Fays, Villeurbanne
  2. Lycée Brossolette, Villeurbanne
  3. Lycée J. Brel, Vénissieux
  4. Lycée M. Sembat, Vénissieux
  5. Lycée la Martinière Duchère, Lyon
  6. Internat d’excellence du Lycée du Parc, Lyon


Preparatory Classes

  1. Lycée Ampère, Lyon
  2. Lycée la Duchère, Lyon
  3. Lycée du Parc, Lyon
  4. Lycée Saint Just, Lyon
  5. Lycée Branly, Lyon
  6. Lycée Claude Bernard, Villefranche-sur-Saône
  7. Lycée Condorcet, Saint-Priest