COVID-19 | New measures


Dear students, parents, and fellow collaborators,

As you may know, emlyon implemented a task force as early as January to work full time on implementing preventive and support measures relative to the current sanitary crisis.

The situation in France and abroad is getting more and more complex, and has spurred us on, to take new measures, in compliance with the guidelines issued by the French government. 

Please know that our main priority is to keep everyone safe, while maintaining the pedagogical activity running remotely so that this crisis does not impact the potential graduation of our students.

We are doing all we can to keep all members of our community informed on the latest news we are given.

Detailed information are transferred almost daily on the makersboard platform, and emails are also directly sent to students and staff members.


Pursuant to the new guidelines issued by the President Emmanuel Macron, on the evening of Monday March 16th, to control the coronavirus spreading, here are the latest measures we are now implementing:

-          All campuses in Ecully, Paris & Saint-Etienne will be shut down as of Tuesday March 17th at 12:00 AM (noon) and at least for 15 days.

-         Staff members must now all work from home.

-          All courses are carried out remotely as of Monday March 16th and until further notice(until end of April, for now).

-         How examinations will be organized is being considered, and students are to be informed in due course. No matter what, there will be no examination on campus before the end of April. Please note that, when the situation allows resuming face to face courses, if students have difficulties coming back in due time, we will manage such situations on a case by case basis, in order to avoid penalizing students.

-         For students currently abroad: regardless of your situation (internship, exchange etc.)

We understand your concern and your questioning. Following the President’s statement, you are requested to get in touch with your French embassy. Please know that if you chose to come back, emlyon will offer substitute solutions to maintain your potential graduation.

-         For non-French students currently in France: you are free to decide whether or not you want to return to your home country, and identically, this will have no impact on your potential graduation.

The Executive Board of emlyon business school and the crisis unit would like to thank all their fellow collaborators and their students for their support and their flexibility in the face of such a particular situation, and in addressing collectively this public health issue. Together will shall overcome such times of uncertainty.

As you are aware, the situation is fast changing, we are moving forward day by day, and shall keep you all informed as new measures arise.


You are currently studying in our programs, for any question relative to your track in the current context, here are your dedicated contacts:

For all questions relative to your internships:

Press contact: Lucile Robinet: / 06 49 15 35 49

Crisis unit:

The Executive Board of emlyon business school
Bénédicte Bost – Director of Internal Communication and in charge of the COVID-19 crisis unit for emlyon


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