Can You Know Too Much About Your Organization?


How much do you know about the end-to-end operations of your organization? The communication channels? The decision-making processes? The handoffs and coordination? The political walls? If you looked closely, would you see a deliberate strategy or the results of years and years of patches, workarounds, political truces, and shadow systems? (...) 

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Ruthanne Huising

Ruthanne Huising is an ethnographer of work and organizations. She studies how organizations respond to external pressures to change and the implications of these changes for professional control and expertise. Across her various projects she has observed how organizations accommodate regulatory change (Human Pathogens and Toxins Act), auditing fads (Environmental Management Systems), and efficiency efforts (Ontario perioperative coaching program) and the complex responses of scientists, biosafety officers, health physicists, surgeons, nurses, and administrators.