Conference : "Welcome to the unknown"


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Take part in the conference led by Philippe Silberzahn, professor of emlyon business school and associate researcher at the Polytechnic school, on the subject of:

Welcome to the unknown  
"Principles of action: how to prosper in a world full of surprises"

Thursday 29 March 2018 at 07:00pm
emlyon business school - campus Saint-Etienne
51 cours Fauriel, 42009 Saint-Etienne

The financial crisis of 2008, the Arab spring, the Greek crisis, the accident in Fukushima, the downfall of Nokia, uberisation, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, the list of events we failed to foresee keeps on growing - despite having significant means by which to predict them, in particular with ‘big data’.

In a radically changing world full of surprises, which is becoming increasingly uncertain, it isn’t possible to predict the future and trying will only lead to disaster, sooner or later. Yet, the decision-making tools that managers use are based in a predictive paradigm; they are rooted in a civilisation that dates back 150 years to the industrial revolution.

It’s time to re-invent them for the new world, but in order to offer new tools; we must first re-think our approach to the environment.

By redefining the conceptual basis of decision making, the conference will offer tangible principles of action to enable managers to both protect themselves and profit in uncertain times.