Opening Ceremony of 2018 Global BBA 1+3 Pathway Program


On 13th September, the opening ceremony of 2018 Global BBA 1+3 Pathway Program took place at Asia European Business School, Zizhu International Education Park in Shanghai. Prof. Tugrul ATAMER, Vice Dean of emlyon business school, Prof. William WANG, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, Mr. TANG Jifeng, General Manager of Zizhu International Education Park, Prof. WU Fengyu, Executive President of Shanghai Zizhu College, Prof. XUE Hua, Vice President of Shanghai Zizhu College, along with other 10 guests of honor attended the opening ceremony.


Prof. Tugrul ATAMER delivered a welcome speech to mark the start of 2018-19 academic year. In addition to introducing emlyon business school, Prof. Tugrul ATAMER emphasized the significance of innovation, considering the current world economic situation. He encouraged students to become global citizens to make contributions to a better world.


Prof. WU Fengyu shared his own experience about how to make the most of your university experience as well as offered helpful tips for students to foster independence, responsibility, a social network and the confidence to succeed at university.


Prof. Nikola ZIVLAK, Associate Professor and Deputy Director, Undergraduate / Graduate Programs, emlyon business school Asia, made an introduction of Global BBA Pathway course structure and features to students. Additionally, Prof. Nikola ZIVLAK indicated key features of Global BBA program, namely, global experience, language competency, specialized courses,   teaching innovation and high employability.


Followed by Prof. ZIVLAK’s speech, Prof. Deputy Director Undergraduate / Graduate Programs Asia, emlyon business school introduced students a prospect of Global BBA program Y2-Y4. He pointed out that students would accumulate professional knowledge from YEAR 2 in order to have a better understanding of real-world business. 


Ms. Sophie YUAN, Partner of JEMO Design and Construction, shared her experience of studying with emlyon business school. In addition, she gave a speech of “Think out of Box” which inspired students to approach problems in innovative ways and conceptualize problems differently.


Digitalization enables new ways of communicating with each other. With the help of remote meeting, Prof. Jacques CHANIOL, Global BBA director, emlyon business school delivered a speech of “Identify your big rocks” via Internet. He pointed out the importance of time management for university students by using the metaphor of “pebbles, sand and rock”. In order to have a more effective and efficient life, Prof. Jacques CHANIOL suggested students to pay attention to the "rocks" because they are critical to the long-term well-being.


Justine AUVRIGNON and Sarah BEGUINOT, undergraduate students from Paris campus, emlyon business school, shared their learning experiences with freshmen of Global BBA 1+3 Pathway Program. They put an emphasis on how to enhance self-confidence, presentation skills and team-work spirit through a series of business courses in YEAR 1.


Ms. ZHOU Shuyan, student representative of 2018 Global BBA 1+3 Pathway Program, made a speech at the event. She indicated that she would accept and embrace new challenges in order to realize self-improvement.


Students’ Testimony

Mr. SHAO Siqi -- “I am very satisfied with the opening ceremony of 2018 Global BBA 1+3 Pathway Program because I feel the emlyon“early-maker” spirit through guests’ speeches. I am very proud of being a students of emlyon business shool.”


Ms. FU Yining -- “The Shanghai campus of emlyon business schoolis very international, especially the advanced teaching facilities. I feel cozy and safe during my study at this campus.”

Mr. DAI Yicheng -- “I am very looking forward to study at different campuses of emlyon business school in order to experience different cultures since the school offers us a lot of opportunities to conduct cross-cultural learning.”


Ms. DONG Yue -- “I will strength both English and French skills in the new semester in order to prepare for the study in France in YEAR 2. In addition, I will pay attention to social experiment which will be beneficial to the ability of live independently abroad.”