The First Commencement of AEBS Was Held Successfully


On June 27th, the first Commencement of Asia Europe Business School was held successfully. 56 bachelor and master students completed their studies and obtained their bachelor's and master's degrees, leaving valuable records for the development history of Asia Europe Business School. At this glorious dream-fulfilling moment, all the graduates, their relatives and friends, as well as many friends from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of AEBS, gathered online to witness this sacred and solemn ceremony and congratulate the graduates of class of 2020 for starting a new journey in their lives. 

As the French Co-dean of Asia Europe Business School, Professor William Hua WANG congratulated the graduates on successfully completing their studies and starting to work, to become the ambassadors of Asia Europe Business School.

He hopes everyone to love the world from the bottom of their hearts and to express greater love with honesty, integrity and empathy; continue this love throughout their careers and embrace the challenges brought by various uncertainties; calm down and open up their minds to make their dreams clear, continuously unleash their potential, and create a better business and a better life with their wisdom and open, inclusive, cooperative and win-win spirit.

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