VIDEO - And so Adibot came to be! emlyon business school launches its chatbot!


“Three students following the school’s MSc in Management (Lucie Hennebert, Samy Daniel, Clémence Goube) worked together to create a chatbot for emlyon students available on the Makers’ Board and Facebook platforms. This is your invitation to test it right now!

They came up with the idea during the makers’ academy* and in just two days at the makers’ lab, it was functioning! Adibot is the fruit of incredible teamwork between emlyon students and staff!

Having heard that the school’s Digital Resources Department (DRD) had had the same idea, Lucie and her team organised numerous meetings between the teams to pool the work of both teams and ultimately to create Adibot. After several weeks of work, they presented the project on the final day of Makers’ Booster to an audience of entrepreneurs, students and staff from emlyon business school.

It wasn’t easy, though, to share their creativity, to combine the languages imagined by both teams for the bot, to keep to the deadlines etc., but that’s what being an early maker is all about! You have to be bold, dynamic and to be acutely aware of the importance of sharing and experimenting. Adibot is the result! A creative success that is already operational and will gradually be installed on emlyon business school sites. The next step will be the maker’s lab in September / October.

Lucie: “I was worried about what to prepare beforehand, because our project is really in the early stages and we don’t possess all the necessary technical skills. When I arrived, I realised people were here to learn about Makers’ Booster, and to seek help. That boosted my confidence right away and it meant I felt free to make more suggestions!”


  • The Makers’ Booster? A 4-day workshop open to the entire emlyon business school community and designed to boost the prototyping of entrepreneurial projects.
  • The Makers' Academy? This class, offered by the Maker’s Lab addresses new technologies by learning through doing when it comes to design thinking. Participants can learn the secrets of digital creation, programming and electronics. In the technology lab, participants can learn 3D printing, coding, laser cutting, electronics and teamwork!”