emlyon business school guarantees the authenticity of its degrees with BCDiploma



With the support of BCDiploma, a member of the Ed Job Tech accelerator, emlyon business school will be progressively using blockchain technology to provide paperless certification of the degrees it confers on students and other learners.

How do you combat the falsification of documents -- and degree certificates in particular? It’s a question that is worrying both the world of education and employers. According to a study by the Florian Mantione Institute, 75% of candidates are willing to lie to employers on their CV.

The market for fictional degrees is exploding, with some websites offering fake degrees for sale. Although France is relatively less exposed than China or English-speaking countries to this phenomenon, emlyon business school has begun to use blockchain as a secure way of delivering all its degrees.

A gradual introduction

A total of 78 graduates of the  Mastère Spécialisé ® Entrepreneuriat & Management de l’Innovation program recently received a degree document in their name, certified by blockchain. This solution will guarantee that emlyon business school maintains its brand image for excellence. Another major advantage of the technology is that any potential employer can check that a degree certificate is genuine by simply clicking on a link.

For more information on BCDiploma

For the new academic year starting in September 2019, the blockchain system will be used for graduates of all programs offered by emlyon business school. 

Launched in September 2018, the solution developed by BCDiploma will guarantee recruiters that a candidate’s degree is absolutely genuine. The start-up has been supported from the beginning by the Ed Job Tech accelerator, which has a particular interest in this technology, as it heralds major disruption of business models, organizations and transactions. 

BCDiploma has already earned the trust of Microsoft, joining the Microsoft For Startups program and taking part at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Its presence at the tech show turned the spotlight on the Ed Job Tech accelerator of emlyon business school, which is actively supporting the international deployment of the solution.