emlyon business school is one of the 2018 « innovations that inspire » awards recipients delivered by AACSB.


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emlyon business school is one of the 2018 « innovations that inspire » awards recipients delivered by AACSB.

The “innovations that inspire” challenge created by AACSB in 2016 is rewarding the most advanced business schools worldwide for their innovative leadership development ecosystem.
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emlyon business school smarter business school learning by flow ecosystem has won an award in the “Cultivating the Business School Leadership Pipeline” category of the challenge.

Smarter Business School project
Back in 2015, emlyon business school signed a strategic partnership agreement with IBM.
Since then, the school’s students and professors have enjoyed a digital teaching, knowledge and experimentation space that they can use whenever they want, no matter where in the world they are.
The teaching and learning strategy has evolved. These days, students work through the theory in their own time then test and experiment with what they’ve learned together on campus.
Students learn through hands-on experimentation and face-to-face discussion. Digital technologies are central to this new model based on three key ways:
• An online learning platform (LMS), where new lessons are uploaded each week for students to study.
• A collaborative platform (Connections), which features a set of tutoring and experiential learning tools and methods, so that students get individualised teaching and learning by applying what they have learned in practice on real case studies (business creation, project management, business assignments).
• A contact platform, comprising the “mkrmtch” (makermatch) app and the “Classboard” intranet, where professors upload dashboards showing students’ pathways, group members and the class’ “cognitive profiles” (languages spoken, skills, experience, etc.).

The SBS ambition has deeply changed the school, not only in the way members of the community interact but also by creating a shift in how the school’s middle managers operate in their effective contribution to the strategy defined by emlyon business school's executive committee.

The platforms and applications developed with IBM’s mobile and interactive technology have provided a unique opportunity for the school to question and streamline its processes and to encourage disruptive thinking and innovative solutions. The managers at emlyon business school who took responsibility for managing one of the projects under the SBS umbrella have all lived an intense, enriching, and constructive experience, which has helped them grow professionally.

emlyon business school and IBM have just signed an agreement to extend the initial partnership to a second phase. During this phase, artificial intelligence will support emlyon’s ambition to provide students with enriched content and coaching, as well as to give them the opportunity to acquire competencies relevant to their needs and aspirations and enhance their employability in an ever-changing market.