emlyon business school’s Paris campus offers an unequalled quality of life!



The world of work is evolving, the academic world must follow! emlyon business school’s Paris campus was designed with this conviction in mind; the idea was to offer an innovative space and interior design: a learning hub, a silent room, co-working spaces, brain bubbles, makers' lab, etc.

The campus was recently awarded the Observeur du Design label. Created in 1999, this French label highlights the talent of companies and designers and underlines the importance of design as a differentiating factor that constitutes a driving force of solutions for the future.

"Every square metre has been carefully optimised, from signage to custom-made furniture, through extensive work on acoustics and light to produce this hive of budding talent.” say the experts panel of the jury.

This year’s big news is the creation of a new special price awarded by the public! A voting feature has been created so that visitor to the exhibition and website can highlight their 3 favourite projects and, in doing so, elect the people’s prize winner!

The people’s prize winner will be announced at the end of the exhibition’s tour in late 2018.


Another highlight of the Paris campus is quality of life. Since 2014, the Trophées des campus responsables, the French version of the Green Gown Awards, highlight the efforts and commitments of French-speaking campuses in terms of sustainable development and CSR.

Our Paris campus just won the "quality of student life" award during the latest edition. This is another example to demonstrate emlyon business school's global strategy, which focuses on three key areas: globalisation, digitalisation and performance, serving innovative education in a pleasant and responsible living environment!