EMLYON Business School presents the PhD Honoris Causa award to Kazuo Inamori


Founder of industrial empires Kyocera and KDDI, and savior of Japan Airlines, Kazuo Inamori gave a lecture in the Amphi IBM entitled “Comment l’altruisme permet la croissance de l’entreprise ?” (How does altruism permit the company to grow?).

On Thursday, 7th May, EMLYON Business School had the immense honor of receiving Kazuo Inamori at the campus of Lyon Ecully. Founder of two industrial empires: Kyocera and KDDI, and savior of Japan Airlines, he has become a reference in management inspired by Buddhist philosophy. On the occasion of this lecture, EMLYON Business School awarded the PhD honori Causa prize to Kazuo Inamori. “You are among those who have effectively changed the science of management”, said Bernard Belletante, General Director of EMLYON Business School, when opening the ceremony.

The lecture that followed, translated simultaneously into French, was broadcast live and may be viewed on the YouTube channel of EMLYON Business School. (in French)


La conférence qui en a suivi, traduite simultanément en français, a été retransmise en direct et peut être revue sur la chaîne YouTube EMLYON Business School.