Coronavirus: information on the preventive measures taken by emlyon business school


In relation with relevant authorities, executive managements of the French higher education schools and international associations, emlyon business school has set up a multidisciplinary task force, in charge of following the outbreak evolution on a daily basis and enforcing preventive support measures.


Trips to China are all cancelled for the 1st semester of 2020

The Executive Board of emlyon business school has decided NOT to send any student, participant, nor any staff member in China for the first semester of 2020. This includes the spring semester on our campus in Shanghai (optional or compulsory), academic exchanges as well as learning trips. All relevant staff members are involved to make sure that the students can complete their track as per initially scheduled.

Reinforcing preventive sanitary measures

The Executive Management has decided to reinforce sanitary measures on all campuses, via preventive actions and bulletin boards, and by reinforcing cleaning services of common spaces on our campuses.

Situation status as of February 4th, 2020

  • Our campus in Asia is presently closed for the Chinese New-Year period and shall re-open on February 24th, unless instructed otherwise.
  • None of our students from our campus in Morocco or in France are currently in China for academic exchanges. At the moment, 4 non-Chinese students from our campuses in France are carrying out their internships in China (none in the Hubei province). They are in direct contact with our staff for guidance on what to do as per local recommendations, or those of the French Health Ministry.


Press contact emlyon business school

Valérie Jobard 04 78 33 78 29 – @valeriejobardPR