SEGECO and emlyon business school are committed to ensuring companies enter fully into the data economy era


As part of the 3rd edition of the "Entreprise du Future" Congress, on Thursday 18 January, Bernard Belletante, CEO of emlyon business school and Jean-Loup Rogé, President and CEO of Segeco, announced their partnership in matters concerning  the economic valuation of corporate data assets. The partners’ goal, is to help businesses capitalise on opportunities related to the emergence of the data economy.

Convinced that a more extensive collaboration between the prestigious school and the leading consultant will bring added value, Bernard Belletante and Jean-Loup Rogé have decided to share a collaborative space. To this end, in 2018, Segeco teams will move into emlyon’s Business Center located on its Paris campus.

This partnership will also take the form of a Chair, which began with a workshop dedicated to data asset management as part of the 3rd edition of “Entreprise du Futur.” This workshop was co-led by Denis Genest, Segeco Associate, Thierry Jacquin, Director at Segeco Consulting and Clément Levallois, Professor at emlyon business school and Director of the Data R&D Institute.

Segeco and emlyon business school thus enabled 24 business leaders to collaborate on the following issues: What data constitutes an asset? How can I increase the assets of my company by integrating the data assets? How can I develop, manage and protect the data assets?

The emergence of the data economy is a major revolution with high stakes for all businesses.

Companies create and collect a large volume of data and this volume doubles each year. However, it is estimated that less than 1% of this data is analysed (source: IDC Digital Universe study). 

The potential for progress and opportunities for growth are therefore considerable for companies that can innovate and seize this opportunity. Mastering data can help a company optimise processes, improve customer relations, and generate additional revenue through better analytics-based decisions. The global data market in 2017 has been estimated at nearly €124.4 billion and will reach an estimated €173.2 billion in 2020.

Another critical issue for companies is the compliance of certain practices - enabled by new technologies - with regulations: The General Data Protection Directive and Regulations, which will come into force in 2018, provide for fines of up to 4% of a company's overall turnover. Meaning that for an SME, a fine for personal data breach could reach €2 million. 

A shared goal: to develop the knowledge and tools to effectively support business leaders with their data asset management. 

In light of these challenges, emlyon business school and Segeco believe it is important to develop applied research in this area, as well as data asset management training courses for companies.

Segeco and emlyon business school is creating a Data Assets Chair. This Chair will be brought into effect in the first quarter of 2018 and will aim to conduct fundamental research on the data assets of companies. Beyond its intellectual output, this work will make it possible to develop operational diagnostics and support tools for the strategic reflection and organisational transformation of companies as pertains to data.           

As part of this partnership, emlyon business school and Segeco will also design and implement a training program for business leaders on this subject. 

This chair will mobilise the expertise of the Data R&D Institute as well as three emlyon business school professors: Clément Levallois, Associate Professor and Director of the Data R&D Institute, Pascal Langevin, Professor of Management Control and Ludivine Perray, associate professor in management control.

The Data R&D Institute was created at emlyon business school in 2017, its goal is to develop research and training and to build relations with companies and society on all topics pertaining to business and data. Find out more at