Wellness Center by APICIL: a space dedicated to well-being and student performance

Wellness Center by APICIL: a space dedicated to well-being and student performance


The Wellness Center by APICIL opened on Monday 10 September at emlyon business school’s Ecully campus. The center is devoted to preventative medicine, support and care, and is open to all  emlyon students.

Un nouvel espace au service d’un dispositif historique…

The Wellness Center by APICIL is a 180 sq. m. space, built just a stone’s throw from the educational and living space that accommodates 4,500 students on the Ecully site. The Wellness Center boasts several reception areas (for conferences, committees etc.), an infirmary, and a psychological therapy space. It was designed to create well-being and to ensure the confidentiality of students who visit it.

The Wellness Center by APICIL exemplifies emlyon business school’s 2015 strategy, and aims to achieve several objectives:“Our primary objective was to offer support to troubled or unhappy students who are failing academically because of personal, family, psychological or medical difficulties. We also want to help students achieve academic success by promoting healthy, positive ways of living,”explains Véronique Imbert, Learning Experience Director, who initiated the creation of the Wellness Center.


… combining a number of services for students.

  • Creating closer and more interactive relationships with students in a clearly defined physical space and making professionals available on site for individual consultations (nurse and psychologist). Students can also ask to be referred to external specialists in other fields (social workers, nutritionists, psychiatrists, relaxation therapists etc.) depending on their needs. Lastly, tailored short-term follow-up care may also be offered.
  • Improving access to information thanks to the reception areas dedicated to organising educational and preventative health care events. A great many events take place every school year in partnership with student associations and health professionals (conferences, activities, workshops, committees for campus life etc.). The themes tackled include: “Well-being at work as a lever for success”, “Self-confidence”, and “How your physical condition impacts your professional performance”.

The Wellness Center by APICIL, is the fruit of a global partnership dedicated to corporate social responsibility

Many organisations now understand the extent to which health plays an important role in individual and collective performance, and the importance of managing both physical and psychosocial risks. As a result, APICIL, a major player in France’s health sector, wanted to improve existing measures by supporting emlyon business school in the creation of the Wellness Center, and by setting up the APICIL “Health and Performance at Work” Chair. The partnership represents a gold standard for emlyon business school, which is keen to play its role in resolving this major social and strategic issue for companies. 

About emlyon business school

emlyon business school’s mission is to educate “makers”, i.e. individuals capable of taking control of their own destiny, using a collaborative approach to enable them to become the actors and entrepreneurs of their own lives. The notion of a “maker” reflects emlyon business school’s vision of an entrepreneur: someone who tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts over and learns by doing.



The APICIL Group, France’s fourth-largest social protection group with turnover of €2.4 billion, offers a full range of high-performance, bespoke solutions in health and personal protection, savings and financial services, and retirement for individuals and professionals. Every day, the Group’s 2,144 employees lend their expertise to advise 46,000 companies and 2.2 million policyholders. The Group, with its members, is dedicated to satisfying its customers by meeting their every need, from the most general to the most specific (disability, mass retail, public buildings and works, etc.), and at every stages of their lives. Mutualistic and paritarian, the APICIL Group supports general-interest causes, thereby helping advance major societal projects.

For more information,  groupe-apicil.com

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