emlyon business school: evolution of governance

emlyon business school: evolution of governance

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In order to better equip emlyon business school to meet new growth challenges, the Lyon Chamber of Commerce decided to change thelegal structureof the School, of which it is the controlling shareholder.On September 1, 2018 the School becamea limited liability company with an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board in order to reinforce its equity. Bernard Belletante, current President and Dean of emlyon,will assume new functions on April 1, 2019,when he becomes Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board.Tawhid Chtioui, current Dean of emlyon Africa, has been appointed Chairman of the Executive Board and Dean of emlyon business school. He will take on these roles on April 1, 2019.

Five years ago, emlyon business school launched its New Territories 2020 plan, spearheaded by Bernard Belletante. The implementation of this three-pronged plan (which focuses on globalization, digitalization, and performance) has transformed the school profoundly: financial and academic performance has improved significantly; new emlyoncampuses have openedinParis, Saint-Etienne, Shanghai, and Casablanca; a sustained effort has been made to usher the entire School into the digital world; and the teaching model has been marked by the emergence of a highly distinctive signature:early maker.

This transformation is far from over, especially given the impact of recent innovations. In a context where higher education and development must contend with new technological and societal imperatives, several challenges lie ahead.

‘To continue the work foreseen in our strategic plan, “dubbed early maker 2023,” and especially to steer the orientations and investments that will ensure thatemlyonremains one of the most competitive schools in the world in terms of employability, we decided to revitalize our governance. In the coming months, we will dedicate considerable energy to bolstering emlyon’s equity while diversifying the shareholding, and will revamp our governance in order to pave the way for major investment projects (new Lyon-Gerland campus in 2022) in order to further our global growth strategy. I am therefore very pleased that Bernard Belletante will be joining the emlyon Supervisory Boardto oversee structural projects. I am also glad to learn that the Supervisory Boardhas appointed Tawhid Chtioui Chairman of the Executive Board and Dean of emlyon business school:his global expertise and entrepreneurial qualities will enable us to meet the challenges ahead,’ says Emmanuel IMBERTON, President of the Lyon Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne Chamber of Commerce.

‘Having Bernard Belletantework alongside me is a logical culmination. The Supervisory Board should greatly benefit from his expertise and ability to lead transformation ideas. I am delighted thatTawhid CHTIOUI will become the President of the School: On the strength of his career, his actions and achievements since he joined emlyon, the remarkable success of the launch ofemlyonin Africa, and his academic profile, coupled with his international entrepreneurial and managerial experience, Mr. Chtioui is superbly qualified to contribute to the execution and expansion of the School’s development projects,’ says Bruno BONNELL, Chairman of the Supervisory Boardof emlyon business school.

Bernard Belletante adds: ‘As we all know, in 10 years business schools will be almost unrecognizable compared with their form today. The evolution of governance will primeemlyonto be a pivotal actor in this transformation. I take great pride in the work theemlyonteams, students and alumni have done since 2014. I am also privileged to be able to contribute to future disruptive innovations in a different way. The fact that Tawhid Chtioui and I have been working together for two years bodes well for seamless, harmonized advancement of our activities.’

Tawhid Chtioui, age 41, joined emlyon business school in September2016 and has since excelled at orchestrating the development and co-ordination of the School’s activities in Morocco and elsewhere in Africa. Holder of a doctorate in management science and a graduate of theHarvard Graduate School of Education Leadership Development Program in Higher Education, Tawhid Chtioui is a professor of performance management. He has held scientific and managerial positions in several business and management schools in France. He has written numerous scientific articles and given talks at many schools and universities, in France and abroad. He is also a serial entrepreneur, a consultant and a provider of professional training activities. Tawhid Chtioui was named a Knight of the Order of Academic Palms on July 14, 2016.

‘Directing an institution like emlyon business school is both an honour and a great responsibility. I will build on the stellar performance in recent years of the dedicated, dynamic and creative emlyon teams and will continue to evolve our model for the benefit of learners, employees, businesses and territories,’Tawhid Chtioui says.

About emlyon business school 

Founded in 1872 by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce, emlyon business school welcomes 5,750 students each year, representing over 83 nationalities, and 5,500 managers in its professional development programs. The school has five campuses in France and abroad (Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Casablanca, Shanghai, Paris), and can draw on a network of 160 international academic partners. In addition, it maintains a community of 31,000 alumni in 121 countries. emlyon business school’s mission is to develop ‘makers,’ agents of transformation with a flair for teamwork, who anticipate, link worlds, handle and cultivate ideas, and see things and take action before others. This notion of ‘maker’ reflects the vision of the entrepreneur endorsed by emlyon business school: a maker tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again, and learns as they go. emlyon business school strives to cultivate these skills in a next-generation approach that combines the production and dissemination of excellence in academic research with the creation of innovative curriculums.    

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