Global Entrepreneurship Program

For an entrepreneurial approach and a global mindset

The Global Entrepreneurship Program is run jointly by emlyon business school (Europe) and  Zhejiang University (Asia) in collaboration with  Pace University (USA), who together form a partnership of  international business schools recognized as experts in Global Entrepreneurship. 

Combining the world’s best entrepreneurial teaching with three diverse global markets, the Global Entrepreneurship Program prepares students to become successful entrepreneurs in a global context. Students get immersed into a cultural experience far beyond pure academic studies, living and working with students from around the globe. Consulting project for companies with students from different background reinforces teamwork on a global level, challenges local mindset and is meant to acquire practical experience in addition to academic knowledge. At the end of the program a 4 to 6 month internship is also possible.

Who are the students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program?

  • Intrapreneurs at heart wanting to develop new business projects within existing companies;
  • Entrepreneurs with the ambition to build their own start-up company;
  • Professionals who want to evolve within their family business.

Key points:

  • A 1-year MSc program specialized in entrepreneurship;
  • Experience entrepreneurship on 3 different continents;
  • Learn to lead & manage intercultural teams;
  • Work with an international team of faculty and students;           
  • Master different business environments;
  • Work on company projects in all 3 locations;
  • Entirely taught in English.
  • To gain experience in three world regions: Europe, Asia and the United states;
  • To increase probability of success in global businesses;
  • To develop the ability to work with and lead an international team;
  • To gain practical experience on three continents and to build a solid professional network thanks to the support of the 3 leading institutions of the program.

Entrepreneurship becomes your life because of the people you are with all the time.”- Lea V., Global Entrepreneurship Program graduate and Co-founder of Ava, a digital women’s health startup company

For any questions, your contact :

Mrs SEUX Nathalie, promotion coordinator
Direct line : +33 4 78 33 70 27