Global DBA Programme

The Global DBA is a professional practice Doctorate for developing impactful scholars and early makers.

Global Impact

Our Global DBA program targets rigorous and relevant outcomes that transcend all kinds of boundaries (geographical, institutional, cultural and disciplinary) and impact a broad set of stakeholders, including businesses, government and community supported organizations, as well as policies and practices that may impact societies at large. Our Global DBA candidates may open new vistas at academic and industrial spaces as well as open up wider perspectives of transnational and international spaces for delivering cutting edge leading research in and beyond the European space, in partnership with leading institutions in other parts of the world, contributing to global growth, innovation and entrepreneurship for a sustainable future.

Multiple Career Progression Paths

Our Global DBA enables multiple career progression paths as talented people today often within one career span they can move back and forth from industry and consulting to scholarly communities, while maintaining multiple affiliations and memberships in different professional communities. In particular, we encourage applicants to develop a rich intellectual, social and reputational capital by developing critical thinking and complex intellectual identities by becoming scholars / teachers and making a difference in real world organizations and communities with regard to policy and practice.

Individualized Learning Pathways

Our Global DBA program is specifically designed for part time study. When multiple competing priorities are the norm and reflective practitioners can combine periods of intense study, with demanding careers and work life balance. You will sign in the beginning of your Global DBA a tailor made individual learning agreement to suit your needs and make progress in your own pace according to clearly defined and measurable learning goals and objectives. A typical structure towards completion of the Global DBA is 2 years of stage 1 – research training and workshops, followed by 2 years of stage 2 – research and writing up of your thesis, or three research publications. Early completion is highly encouraged based on the merit of the Global DBA work done according to your learning contract and annual reviews of progress (minimum 2 years); as much as we can accommodate periods of taking time off, for professional or personal reasons to ensure a successful outcome for your doctoral project (maximum 7 years).

Excellent Research Environment

Emlyon’s research active faculty (both in terms of scholarly production and diffusion of knowledge) is the key asset for sustaining an excellent research environment for the Global DBA program to flourish through impactful team supervisions and strong ongoing ties with private, public and community supported organizations. Our long standing reputation for doctoral studies and triple-crown institutional accreditations combined with our active participation in all major standard setting bodies are clear signals of our ongoing commitment for continuous quality enhancement and making an impact in our scholarly, professional and policy related communities. We continue to provide leadership to such influential European and global organizations as the EDAMBA and EFMD EQUAL.