An open Innovation world tour with W Project!


On 10 January 2019, Ninon and Sixtine, two students from emlyon business school, left on an 8-month entrepreneurial adventure inspired by open innovation!

Each year, the W Project enables students with a passion for entrepreneurship, to meet with entrepreneurs, to share their vision, to uncover the underlying problems of major groups, and to build ties with start-ups.

For this fourth year, the W project selectedSixtine Leblanc and Ninon Rigoulet, two students from emlyon business school, whose project placed open innovation at its heart.The trip began on 10 January and the two will meet with French entrepreneurs in Latin America, Oceania, Asia, and Africa to find out how they apply open innovation. They will share their findings via video portraits and short films.

You can follow their trip on Medium as well as emlyon business school’s Instagram account and the W project’s social networks ( website and  facebook page)

Departure day!

Sixtine et Ninon W Project