EMLYON Business School presents its "New Territories 2020" strategy


2 October 2014.  Bruno Bonnell, Chairman of the Board of EMLYON Business School, and Bernard Belletante, Dean of EMLYON Business School, have unveiled the "New Territories 2020" Strategic Plan, as approved by the school’s Board on 26 September.

"New Territories 2020" aims to make EMLYON one of the three or four French business schools which have a global activity and reputation. To meet these aims by 2020, EMLYON has identified three key priorities: globalisation, the digital revolution and performance.

 A global business school

EMLYON will open new international campuses along the line drawn from Shanghai to São Paolo, in order to welcome 4000 - 5000 new students from all backgrounds. The first such campus will be located in French-speaking Africa.  Further new campuses are planned for Asia, and the school is currently investigating the possibility of opening a campus in Latin America. As well as these permanent campuses, the school will also open "pop-up" (temporary) campuses to host the classroom-based sessions of its "blended learning" programmes. 

The globalisation process will be further strengthened by the formation of a network of around 30 global businesses.  These businesses will act as qualified strategic partners. In academic terms, EMLYON will focus its efforts on three competence clusters, producing internationally-recognised intellectual contributions. The school's aim is to become a world leader in its chosen areas of expertise. Entrepreneurship, a core element of EMLYON's DNA, is one of these areas.

A digital business school

EMLYON's ambition is to engage fully with the digital economy and digital practices, and to seize the opportunities that they offer in terms of both globalisation and performance. The EMLYON community will become truly digital, giving all stakeholders instant, constant access to key information. All of the school's expertise and academic publications will be made available via the EMLYON Knowledge platform. 

This digitalisation will be supported by a new information system and a digital library, the Learning Hub, which will encourage collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and information, and "crowd innovation", removing all geographical borders. 

A high-performance business school

The concept of "performance" reflects three key areas of the EMLYON strategy: financial performance, academic performance and social performance.Financial performance is a central priority for the school.  In order to invest and to deliver on its projects, EMLYON needs to improve its financial performance, and to make itself more self-sufficient in financial terms.  The school will generate new sources of income by extending its existing programmes and opening new programmes at future EMLYON campuses outside France. 

In terms of academic performance, the school will seek to capitalise on its research activities, in particular through the EMLYON Knowledge platform, and to introduce new Chairs. To ensure that the school grows in a climate of excellence, a rigorous quality assurance process will be introduced, covering the entire educational value chain. 

As for social performance, the school is committed to creating a unified community, covering all EMLYON ecosystem stakeholders, and to encouraging creative and productive interactions between its members. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key element of the school's future activities in this area. The school will take wide-ranging action in this field, from introducing assessment criteria, producing an annual CSR report and contributing to local, national and international organisations, to adopting an innovative approach to social inclusion through a range of specific programmes developed in conjunction with Mozaïk RH.

 In summary, the school will seek to secure the long-term future of the EMLYON brand by delivering exceptional new programmes, disseminating knowledge and innovation, particularly through the EMLYON Knowledge platform, deploying its digital strategy and developing stronger ties with businesses.


The three pillars of the school's growth – globalisation, digitalisation and performance – are underpinned by a highly innovative educational project.  EMLYON is seeking to develop a truly global brand and improve participant employability by delivering programmes, releasing publications and organising events that focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

This is particularly important in an ever-changing world, characterised by scientific disruption and uncertain, often abrupt, globalisation. EMLYON's vision is to develop people’s ability to be creative in a context of rupture by enabling them to confront and experience the force of change.   To reflect this innovative approach to teaching and learning, the school will launch the EMLYON SIGNATURE between now and 2017. 

In doing so, EMLYON will become synonymous with an innovative "Learning Experience". While remaining true to its long-standing focus on entrepreneurship, EMLYON is seeking to develop and expand, with a focus on people rather than institutions. The school's ambition is to become a multi-site cradle of creativity and innovation, a community that shares and demonstrates respect for the planet, and a place that dispenses bold, collaborative teaching and learning programmes.

These are the aims and values that underpin the "New Territories 2020" strategic plan.

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