A Mastère Spécialisé ® to conduct Energy Transition  with ECAM Lyon and emlyon business school

A Mastère Spécialisé ® to conduct Energy Transition with ECAM Lyon and emlyon business school


With the ambition to train “pioneer entrepreneurs” to engage in the corporate energy transition, ECAM Lyon and emlyon business school are launching a new Mastère Spécialisé ® in Energy Transition Management. This program is certified by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and sits at the confluence of technical and managerial dimensions.


The 2015 act on energy transition, followed by the 2019 law on energy and climate, aiming at reducing the final energy consumption by 50% and achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, both reinforced the strategic character of such environmental issues for the whole of the corporate business. ECAM Lyon and emlyon business school have decided to join forces and address such issues by creating a program to develop an expertise in energy system management and build a low carbon economy. 


This new Mastère Spécialisé® Energy Transition Management demonstrates the school’s determination to break down barriers between disciplines and to support responsible managers who shall contribute to raising collective competencies and changing our societies. As President of the Executive Board of emlyon business school, Tugrul Atamer is convinced that “The hybridization of skills is the key process to invent the future, as a means to build tomorrow’s hybrid managers, and anticipate societal, economic and environmental issues.”


According to Didier Desplanche, Dean of ECAM Lyon, “energy transition calls for multidisciplinary scientific and technical issues. Our answer is our expertise, our technical knowhow. There are multiple solutions to address a great variety of technical, managerial and societal issues. In this new Mastère, we have introduced new levers, and more specifically, innovation management, to better comprehend as a whole, such complex issues. This is one of the many contributions we wish to bring to our society, in an increasingly pressing context of energy transition.”


With the support of partners such as Schneider Electric, ENGIE, EDF, GRT gaz, GRDF, Enedis, Automatique & Industrie, Aura Solaire Digital, Auvergne Rhône Alpes Energie Environnement, AFG Sud-Est, the competitive center Tenerrdis Energy Cluster..., this new Mastère Spécialisé ® shall allow students, as future actors of change, to apply and develop their competencies directly to the field during a 6 month professional assignment.


Key information:


  • Targeted jobs: project manager in renewable energies, managers in charge of energy performance, business developers in new energies etc.
  • Eligibility: students with a Master 1 or 2
  • Duration: 13 months, with a 6 month field assignment
  • Location: campuses of emlyon business school and ECAM in Lyon
  • Next take in: September 2020 - Fees: €20,000


Learn more about the program:

  • ECAM website
  • emlyon business school website




About ECAM Lyon

Born in 1900, ECAM Lyon is an engineering school associating research, teaching and innovation to address industrial and societal mutations.

With a long lasting humanist tradition, ECAM Lyon combines in all its programs, scientific and technical rigor, human and social dimensions, multidisciplinarity and openness to the world.

ECAM Lyon is directly linked to corporate R&D and is known for developing a specific expertise in energy, a field sector now at the center of all industrial issues and individual concerns.

ECAM Lyon is part of the ECAM LaSalle schools.



ECAM Lyon press contact

Anne Thimonier - anne.thimonier@ecam.fr -


About emlyon business school

Founded in 1872, emlyon business school’s intake this year is of 8,600 students from 110 different nationalities, and of 6,000 participants in continued education. The school operates now on six different campuses (Lyon, Shanghai, Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Paris, and Bhubaneswar). It draws on a network of 190 international academic partners and runs a community of 32,000 alumni spread out in 130 countries.

emlyon business school’s mission is to reveal “earlymakers”, as actors of change who shall anticipate, straddle frontiers, be constructive and positive, committed to actions, and share values in a collaborative manner. Early makers shall be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, who will try out, experiment, make mistakes, start again and learn as they go. At emlyon business school, students will be able to develop such skills via a next generation pedagogy, associating academic research output of excellence and newly elaborated innovative learning tracks.



emlyon business school press contact 

Julie Guillot - guillot@em-lyon.com –



Picture captions

1. ECAM Lyon and emlyon business school Partnership officially signed on February 3rd, 2020

2. To the left, Olivier Cateura, Professor & Program Director Mastère Spécialisé ® & MSc at emlyon business school, and to the right, Didier Desplanche, Dean of ECAM Lyon

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