emlyon business school offers a wide range of programs and services to meet corporate needs. Ranging from lifelong learning to issues of recruitment, to the development of career opportunities and trainee placement and job offers, our school provides a multitude of solutions and will help you at each stage of your development. 

Develop your People

Develop your people

Since more 30 years, emlyon business school develops her executive education activity to support companies in their transformation. It designs and deploys innovative programmes for leaders and managers to meet the needs of companies in France or internationally.

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Student/company meetings

emlyon Careers forum (Lyon): 14th - 15th - 16th  January, 2019
Finance Careers Days (Lyon): 4th , October, 2018
Vocation Days (Lyon): 15th-16th -17th-18th October, 2018 ; (Paris): 9th October 2018 ; (Saint Etienne): 23th October & 20th November 2018
Digital Night (Lyon): 7th March 2019 ; (Paris): November 2018

Employers testify !

Recruit our Students

Recrutez nos étudiants

With their wide range of ages, nationalities and levels of experience, the students of emlyon business school represent an enormous recruitment opportunity to businesses. Our students and graduates are distinguished by the international outlook and entrepreneurial spirit that we have helped them to develop.

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Become a Business Partner


emlyon business school has a policy of building active and wide-ranging business partnerships. We have designed a range of tailored solutions and services for SMEs, large companies and international groups.

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