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Associate Professor

Imène Brigui-Chtioui holds a PhD in Computer Science from Paris Dauphine University. Her research areas focus on Artificial Intelligence and in particular multiagent systems. She is interested in decision making automation using preference modeling and conflict resolution. She works on many application domains like Electronic commerce, Knowledge Management and Digital Learning. She is member of the French Association for Artificial Intelligence (AFIA).


2006 PhD in computer Science, Paris-Dauphine University, France

Doctoral dissertation: “A Multiagent Approach for Reference Point Multicriteria Auctions in Electronic Commerce”

2002 Master’s degree (DEA) in « Intelligent Systems », Paris Dauphine University.


2006 – 2016 Associate professor, ISG Business School, Paris

2006 - 2009 Head of Management Department, ISG Business School, Paris

2003 – 2015 Lecturer in Automated Negotiation Systems, Paris Dauphine University.

2004 – 2006 Teaching and Research Assistant, Paris-Dauphine University

Scientific CommitteesTop

Reviewer pour Journal of Decision Systems

Membre du comité scientifique des conférences internationales ICMLC, ICTO, KMIKS 


Artificial Intelligence

Multiagent Systems

Multicriteria Decision Aid

Automated Auctions

Knowledge Management

Digital learning 


Member of the French Association for Artificial Intelligence (AFIA)

Courses taughtTop

Information System Management

Automated Negotiation and Software Agents 

Programming and Algorithmic

Operational Research / Graph Theory

Decision Aid


Research InterestTop

Multiagent Systems

Automated Electronic Auctions

Multicriteria Decision Making

Conflict Resolution / Collective Decision Making

Knowledge Management

Digital learning

Recommender Systems

Communications & SeminarsTop

Brigui-Chtioui, I., Caillou, P., Negre, E., « Intelligent digital learning : Agent-based recommender system », Proceedings of the International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, ICMLC 2017, Singapore, 2017 

Brigui-Chtioui, I., « Towards Argumentative Multicriteria Reverse auctions », Proceedings of the International Conference of Knowledge Management, Information and Knowledge Systems (KMIKS 2017), Hammamet, 2017. 

Brigui-Chtioui, I., Saad, I. “Multiagent Framework for Group Multicriteria Classification”, Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics and Computer Systems (CIICS), Dubaï, 2016.

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