Hutchinson Chair - «We make it possible»

Role of the Chair


The new Hutchinson company project is reflected in the IDEA platform developed by the Science and Business Alliance.

 Under the leadership of its CEO Jacques Maigné, Hutchinson wants to develop a new spirit of enterprise and seeks to develop innovation and creativity skills in all its executives and managers.

This strategic approach is based at least in part on the design thinking approach, seen as a method, a language and an innovation process applied to products, services and organizational systems.

This new ambition is also intended as a unifying factor for the entire organization.

Hutchinson, Central Lyon and EMLYON share common values ​​and practices, a major asset for building a rich and lasting partnership based around inter-disciplinary practice, cross-cultural fertilisation and team-based and project-based working methods.

The project carried out by Hutchinson and the Science and Business Alliance makes sense and will provide beneficial and promising contributions from both.


Chair holders

  • Fabien Mieyeville, joint head of the IDEA programme for Centrale Lyon and Lecturer - HDR Ecole Centrale de Lyon - Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology.
  • Jean Patrick Péché, head of design thinking for the IDEA programme.
  • Member of the Steering Committee: Renaud Gaultier.


Key dates

  • June 19, 2013: Official signing of the Chair by Jacques Maigné, CEO of Hutchinson and Michel-Louis Prost, Chairman of the Science & Business Alliance for an amount of one million euros over a period of 5 years, in the presence of the Executive Directors of the Hutchinson group, Directors of EMLYON and Centrale Lyon and the IDEA team.