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Dupin Laura

Laura Dupin

Defended 13 March 2020 - Assistant Professor at University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Laura's PhD dissertation is titled as: "Competing on Identity: Essays on the Effect of Occupational Market Identities on Partnership Selection, Location Choice and Organizational Survival".
Her dissertation seeks to understand how producers that claim the same label, but have oppositional identities, routines and competences, compete with one another when consumers perceive them as substainable.
She uses the empirical setting of contemporary French artisanal bakeries situated in Lyon (1998 - 2017).


2015 - 2020 : Ph.D in management, EMLYON Business School, France

2007 - 2011 : B.A Dartmouth College, United States

Courses taughtTop

2018- 2019: Strategic Management, Online Instructor, EMBA program

2017: Strategic Management, Teaching Assistant for Master Program

2017: Quantitative Design, Teaching Assistant for PhD 1st Year Course

Research InterestTop


Organization Theory

Communications & SeminarsTop

Academy of Management (Boston, August 2019)

Paper Presentation: "Artisanal of Half Baked? Competing Craft Ontolongies and Location Choice"

OMT Doctoral Consortium (Boston, August 2019)

Medici Summer School (Paris, June 2019)

Creative Industry Conference (Paris, June 2019)

Paper presentation: "Artisanal or Half Baked? Competing craft Ontologies and Location Choice"

Organizing Creativity Workshop (Berlin, March 2019)

Paper presentation: "Soie and Livre: Commercializing Creativity in the Silk Industry of 18th century Lyon"

EGOS Colloquium (Tallinn, July 2018)

  • Paper Presentation: "Artisans without Art: Understanding Market Demand for Inauthentic Organizations"

Strategic Management Society Special Conference (Costa Rica, December 2017)

  • Paper Presentation: “The Alliance – Performance Relationship: A Meta-Analysis” with Dakhli, Y., Dhoubadel, R., D’Souza, R., Arregle, J-L., Essen, M.

EDEN Advanced Strategic Management Workshop (INSEAD, November, 2017)

Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis (University of Essex, July 2017)

  • Survival Analysis and Event History Modelling, Mathematics for Social Scientists

EGOS Colloquium (Copenhagen, July 2017)

  • Paper Presentation: "Weaving Career Upgrades from Social Capital: Partnership Selection of 18th Century Lyonnais Silk Designers" with Wezel, FC.

EDEN Social Network Analysis Workshop (emlyon Paris campus, April 2017)