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Ph.D Candidate

American & Canadian, Laura's research interests meet at the intersection of management, sociology and history, employing primarily quantitative methods. Her background is in international trade, having previously worked for the U.S. Commercial Service and a biotech engineering firm.


2015 - 2020 : Ph.D in management, EMLYON Business School, France

2007 - 2011 : B.A Dartmouth College, United States

Courses taughtTop

2017: Strategic Management, Teaching Assistant for Master Program

2017: Quantitative Design, Teaching Assistant for PhD 1st Year Course

Research InterestTop


Organization Theory

Communications & SeminarsTop

EGOS Colloquium (Tallinn, July 2018)

  • Paper Presentation: "Artisans without Art: Understanding Market Demand for Inauthentic Organizations"

Strategic Management Society Special Conference (Costa Rica, December 2017)

  • Paper Presentation: “The Alliance – Performance Relationship: A Meta-Analysis” with Dakhli, Y., Dhoubadel, R., D’Souza, R., Arregle, J-L., Essen, M.

EDEN Advanced Strategic Management Workshop (INSEAD, November, 2017)

Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis (University of Essex, July 2017)

  • Survival Analysis and Event History Modelling, Mathematics for Social Scientists

EGOS Colloquium (Copenhagen, July 2017)

  • Paper Presentation: "Weaving Career Upgrades from Social Capital: Partnership Selection of 18th Century Lyonnais Silk Designers" with Wezel, FC.

EDEN Social Network Analysis Workshop (emlyon Paris campus, April 2017)