Eco-Emballages Chair - Recycling

Role of the chair

Signed on 10 February 2012 for a period of four years, the Eco-Emballages Chair dedicated to Recycling is the first joint EMLYON – CENTRALE LYON Chair.

Its objective is to develop skills and engage in a reflection on the economic organisation and technological evolution of the recycling sector, and provide education on recycling economics to future managers and engineers.

Combined knowledge of business management (strategy, finance, marketing and management) and technology (engineering, physical ownership) constitutes a major asset.

The Chair will work on developing research and the production of knowledge with a view to concretely improving expertise in this field in the following areas: management of sorting, non-household sorting methods and recycling of plastic materials.

It will also help raise awareness on these topics throughout the world of higher education and research, like business sectors, with an open-minded, innovation-oriented approach.


Eric Vogler, Professor of Management Strategy at EMLYON Business School, and Catherine Giraud-Mainand, Director of Communication at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, have been appointed co-holders of the Eco-Emballages Chair on Recycling.