Research centres

Each of emlyon's six Research Centres supports the School's core mission in its own unique way. This mission is to educate entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to transform institutions and organisations, and to develop critical thinking, independence and conscientiousness.

French Corporate Governance Institute (IFGE)

The French Corporate Governance Institute is one of the leading corporate governance and leadership research centres in France. It examines governance from a unique perspective: the political legitimacy of the entrepreneur. It produces targeted publications and conducts specific research work on four key topics: Executive officers vs. Directors, Shareholders vs. Investors, Financial capital vs. Human capital, Business vs. Society.

French Corporate Governance Institute (IFGE), directed by Pierre-Yves Gomez

Entrepreneurship Research Centre

The Entrepreneurship Research Centre focuses on five key topics: the innovative business start-up process, organisational entrepreneurship, teaching and assessing the effectiveness of entrepreneurship training programmes, assessing public policy covering business start-ups and takeovers, the processes behind fast-growing start-ups.

Entrepreneurship Research Centre, directed by Alain Fayolle

Research Centre for Entrepreneurial Finance (ReCEntFin)

Our major contribution is the creation and dissemination of research on entrepreneurial finance to enhance transparency and mutual comprehension between entrepreneurs and financiers. Research activities are bundled by internal and external faculty members and improve the reach of our scholarly output in seminars, workshops, and colloquia where we also invite practitioners.

Research Centre for Entrepreneurial Finance (ReCEntFin), directed by Alexander GROH

Lifestyle Research Center

Lifestyle Research Center at emlyon business school brings together excellence and researchers passionate for advancing lifestyle-related research and knowledge. The main focus of our research is to examine the ongoing “ruptures” and changes in lifestyle phenomena that impact market formation and evolution as well as branding.

Lifestyle Research Center

Organisations, Careers and New Elites research centre (OCE)

The Organisations, Careers and New Elites (OCE) research centre was created in 2005. Its work involves conducting political and critical analyses of organisations and management. It produces targeted publications and conducts specific research work on three topics: organisational change and individual experiences, political processes and the role of elites, market dynamics and relationships between organisations.

Centre for Financial Risk Analysis (CEFRA)

The work of the Centre for Financial Risk Analysis (CEFRA) focuses on risk analysis. Its aim is to stimulate discussion and interaction between the disciplines of corporate finance, financial markets, insurance and risk management. This research centre reflects two of EMLYON's core convictions: that successful entrepreneurship requires an understanding and acknowledgement of risk (especially but not exclusively financial risk), and that the relationship between entrepreneurs and risk (especially but not exclusively financial risk) varies from one institutional system to the next.

CEntre for Financial Risk Analysis (CEFRA), directed by Olivier Le Courtois

STORM - Research Center in Strategy & Organization at emlyon business school

STORM is the research center at emlyon business school which deals with strategy and organization. Launched in September 2016, it brings together researchers from emlyon and beyond with a passion for high quality research in strategy and organization. STORM stands for (more or less) STrategy, ORganization, and Management (or Mates, or whatever cool word starting with M you can think of).