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Professor in Entrepreneurship

Alain FAYOLLE current research works are focusing on the dynamics of entrepreneurial processes, the influences of cultural factors on organisations’ entrepreneurial orientation and the evaluation of entrepreneurship education. His last published research has appeared in Academy of Management Learning & Education, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research


1981 : Master of Science in Technology (CESI, LYON)
1989 : Master of Science in Management, University Jean Moulin, LYON
1992 : Degree of European Engineer
1992 : Master of Science in Management Research, University Jean Moulin, LYON
1996 : Ph.D. in Management Sciences, LYON (topic: Contribution to a study on entrepreneurial behaviours of French engineers)
2000 : Habilitation in Management Research Supervisory Activities, University Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble.


Permanent positions

- Since 2004: EMLyonBusinessSchool– Professor of entrepreneurship and Head of the Entrepreneurship Research Centre

- Since 2004: Visiting professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management Université Libre de Brusselles (Belgium)

- Since 2002: CERAG Research Unit ofSocialSciencesUniversityofGrenobleand C.N.R.S.,France, Research Fellow

- 2000-2004: ESISAR-EngineeringSchoolofValenceand INP Grenoble (French technological university), France - Associate Professor in Management Sciences; Director of the Research Unit Entrepreneurship and Process of Innovation

- 1991-1999: Groupe ESC Lyon - Professor of entrepreneurship and strategic management and Deputy Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre (1992-1994)

- 1991-1995:Saint-Etienne Business School,France, Professor in charge of the Strategic Management

Guest professorships

- 2005 and 2008: Guest professor at HEC Montréal

- 2006 – 2008: Guest professor at Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

- Since 2006: Guest professor at theUniversityofSfax(Tunisia)

- Since 2008: Guest professor at the University of Sousse (Tunisia)

- 2010: Guest professor at the Universityof Tunis (Tunisia)

Business Experience

- 1981-1991: Entrepreneur and CEO of young technological companies


Main expert positions

  • Expert to the OECD, for the evaluation of entrepreneurship strategies and practices within Tunisian universities – 2011
  • Evaluation of the Kiel University’ strategy towards the development of an entrepreneurial university – April 2011
  • Expert for the evaluation of a network of entrepreneurship support structures and agencies for the city of Lyon (France) - 2011
  • Expert for the 3EP project developed by the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (NCGE, UK) – 2010.
  • Expert to the OECD,  for an evaluation of the public policy in favour of the creation of enterprise and the development of the spirit of entrepreneurship in Berlin’s universities and institutes of higher education (February – June 2009)
  • Expert designated by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education to evaluate teaching projects of excellence in entrepreneurship proposed by Swedish Universities (February – April 2009).
  • Scientific advisor for French business schools: EM Normandie, Groupe ESC Troyes, EDC business school (since 2008).
  • President of the first scientific committee of the World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF) and one of the 70 experts recognized worldwide. The WEF is a yearly event (since 2009) through the initiative of theEM Lyon Business SchoolFoundation.
  • Keynote speaker in more than 50 conferences and colloquia inFranceand abroad.
  • Expert to the office EUREVAL-C3E for the evaluation of public policy in the field of creation/ transmission of enterprises in the Essonne region (2008).
  • Member of the Consultative Comity of the ANVAR (French Agency for Valorising Innovation) for a project of study and training for innovation, 2004-2005
  • Expert to the office EUREVAL-C3E for the evaluation of public policy in the field of creation/ transmission of enterprises in theLimousinregion (2004).
  • Member of the evaluating committee of university projects for the « Maison de l’Entrepreneuriat »(“The house of Entrepreneurship”), French Ministry of Research, Direction of Technology, 2004.
  • French expert in the services of the European Commission, appointed by the Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry, to participate in a project evaluating educational practices and entrepreneurial education (2001-2004).
  • Animator of a work group convened upon the request of the Ministry of Research and author f a synthesis report  on the concept of « Maison de l’Entrepreneuriat »(“The house of Enterpreneurship”) 2003.
  • Member of the work group on the theme « l’entrepreneuriat innovant»(« Innovative Enterpreneurship »), French Central Planning Committee (2001 and 2002).
  • Member of the executive board and scientific expert, since 2001, of the Observatory of Entrepreneurial Pedagogical Practices (OPPE). The OPPE is a national organization founded by the French ministries of Economy, Finances and Industry, Research and National Education.
  • Scientific expert for the Research and Technologic Department of the Regional Council of the Nord-Pas-deCalaisregion, solicited to deliver a scientific expertise on a research program on entrepreneurship and including several regional university laboratories. Member of the international scientific committee evaluating the program (since 2001).
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Franco-British club for Entrepreneurship Training (de 1999 to 2001). This club welcomes French and British institutes of higher education and aims at developing exchanges and co operations in the field of entrepreneurship between amongst teachers and researcher of these two countries.

Courses taughtTop

Undergraduate students

Teaching topics for a wide variety of students: Technology Management, Business...

  1. Entrepreneurship courses for business students :
    Acquiring existing businesses
    Basic course in entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurship course
    Family entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurship for High growth potential firms
  2. Management courses for engineering students
    Management of innovation
    Corporate entrepreneurship
    Strategies and business start-up
    Budget accouting
    Finance and business administration


Graduate students

PhD level

Corporate entrepreneurship seminar in the PhD program at EM Lyon business school
Co-chair of the PhD program for the ESU network
Head supervisor in charge of a doctoral program in management for PhD students in sciences, University of Lyon.
Start-up and growth course for PhD students in sciences at Grenoble University of Technology

Master Level

Entrepreneurship courses (basic course, introduction to entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, new venture creation and growth, family entrepreneurship) for MSc students atEM Lyon Business School
Introduction to entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship for MSc students at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Entrepreneurship seminar for students in Master in management research at theuniversityofLyon
Entrepreneurship research and entrepreneurship theories for MSc students in the Universities of Sfax andSousse,Tunisia
Introductory seminar for Specialised Masters in Management students at EM Lyon business school
Entrepreneurship seminars (Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Implementing Entrepreneurial Opportunities) for Executive and International MBA students      

Executive education 

Entrepreneurship courses in executive programs at EM Lyon business school
“Educating and training educators to teach entrepreneurship” – one week seminar for French-speaking scholars organised by the French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE)
“Doing research in entrepreneurship” – one week seminar for French-speaking scholars organised by the French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE)
Head of a continuing training programme at EM Lyon, of 200 hours, on operational start-up, designed for reorienting managerial staff (1993-2000).
Teacher in charge and head of tailored education programmes at EM Lyon, in the fields of entrepreneurship and strategy, in France (EDF, Air-France, Renault) or abroad (Daimler Benz Aerospace).
Running seminars on strategic management for managerial staff (Association GERME - 2001 and 2002).
Design and carrying out of a tailored training programme atSaint-EtienneBusinessSchoolin the domains of management control and financial management designed for the operational managerial staff of the group SAGEM (1994).

Research InterestTop

Entrepreneurship Education

  • Content, entrepreneurial learning and pedagogy : ontological and didactical questions
  • Evaluation of the impact of training upon attitudes and perceptions

Entrepreneurial Processes

  • Study of entrepreneurial behaviour of engineers and scientists
  • Study of the phases and dynamics of the company creation process: initiation, engagement, survival/development
  • Risk perception in company creation
  • Development of support technology for innovative company creation projects

Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • The effects of different cultural levels (national, industrial/skills, organisational) upon the entrepreneurial orientation of companies
  • The genealogy of the concept of entrepreneurial orientation
  • Entrepreneurial orientation/performance relations in different contexts
  • Study of the entrepreneurial dynamics of companies

Evaluation of policies, facilities and systems

  • Public policy for the creation/acquisition of companies
  • Facilities and accompanying networks for those with projects for the creation/acquisition of companies
  • Entrepreneurial training plan in the context of major companies
  • Social entrepreneurship, Necessity entrepreneurship


Editorial positions

- Associate Editor of the Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM)
- Regional Editor (Europe) and scientific committee member of the international review: International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.
- Editor-in Chief of the Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat (scientific  French speaking journal)
- Editor-in Chief of the reviews L’Expansion Entrepreneuriat (2009-2010) and Entreprendre & Innover (2011- ), (High-level Professional French speaking journal)

Editorial Board Member in international reviews:

- International Small Business Journal (ISBJ)
- Journal of Enterprising Culture
- Journal of International Entrepreneurship
- Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship 
- Zeitschrift für KMU & Entrepreneurship (ZfKE)
- International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
- Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development
- Piccola Impresa

Other scientific activities

  • Member of the Board of Reviewers (2013-2015) – BCER (Babson Conference on Entrepreneurship Research
  • Elected member of the Executive Board (as a Representative-at-Large) of the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management (2010-2011).
  • Member of the faculty promotion committee at EM Lyon Business School (2010-)
  • Member of the 2010 committee « Innovation in Pedagogy Award » for the ‘Entrepreneurship’ division of theAcademyofManagement.
  • External evaluator for promotion committees in Canadian and American universities in 2006 (LavalUniversity) and 2009 (PurdueUniversityandMiamiUniversity).
  • External evaluator for a recruitment committee for a university professor at the HEC-Ecole de Gestion,LiègeUniversityin 2009 (November).
  • Chairman of the « Entrepreneurship Education » division of the 52nd ICSB Conference,Turku,Finland, 13-15 June 2007 (50abstracts submitted, 25 communications presented).
  • Organisation of a European research seminary on entrepreneurship atEM Lyon Business School, June 18 and 19,2007, inthe context of the ESU network.
  • Member of the International Advisory Board of International Master in Entrepreneurship Education and Training (IMEET). This international programme is under the conjoint responsibility of Aarhus School of Business,CopenhagenBusinessSchool,UniversityofSouthern Denmark, theDanishUniversityof Education,KingstonBusinessSchool,RostockUniversityand theUniversityofTampere.
  • Reviewer of scientific books proposals for SAGE publications, Edward Elgar and Cambridge University Press
  • Reviewer for French and international journals: Journal of Enterprising Culture, Journal of Business Venturing, Organization studies, Revue Internationale PME, Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat, Gestion 2000, New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, Revue Française de Gestion, Management International, M@n@gement, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Economic Psychology, Spanish Journal of Psychology, International Journal of Small Business, etc.
  • Invited member (since 2003) by the Award Committee of the Swedish Foundation for Small Business Researchto participate each year in the attribution of the International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research(Laureates since 1996: David Birch, Arnold Cooper, David Storey, Ian MacMillan, Howard Aldrich, Zoltan Acs and David Audretsch, Giacomo Beccatini and Charles Sebel, William Baumol, Paul Reynolds, William Gartner, DIANA Group, Scott Shane)
  • Conference Chair of the 13th IntEnt-Conference (Internationalising Entrepreneurship Education and Teaching) organised inGrenoblefrom 7 to 10 September 2003.
  • Chairman of the Académie de l'Entrepreneuriat (French association of teachers and researchers in entrepreneurship), since November 2003. Vice-Chairman from 1999 to 2003.
  • Chairman of theFirstEuropeanSummerUniversityorganised at INPG (FrenchUniversityof Technology), from 18 to 22 September 2002, on the theme: " Entrepreneurship research inEurope: particularities and perspectives " (This gathering of 60 European researchers).
  • Reviewer for AoM Annual Meetings, entrepreneurship and business policy divisions (since 2002)
  • Member of CERAG, CNRS UMR 5820, research laboratory specialised in Management of the Université de Grenoble, since January 2002.
  • Director of Research at the UniversityPierreMendèsFranceofGrenoble, since 2002.
  • Co-chairman (with Elisabeth Chell and Hamid Bouchikhi) of the Entrepreneurship track of the conference EGOS 2001, organised by the Universities of Lyon II, Lyon III and EM Lyo
  • Founder (in 2001) and head of a technological research team (ERT) on processes of creation of innovative activities, EPI, scientifically dependent on CERAG and under the authority of UPMF and INPG ( www.epi-entrepreneurship.com).
  • Member of the scientific committee ofEM LyonBusinessSchoolsince 2000.
  • Director of Research atUniversityofLyon III, since 2000.