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Eero Vaara professor of management and organization


Professor of Management and organization

Strategy and organization

Eero Vaara is Professor of Management and Organization at Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki, Finland, and permanent Visiting Professor at EMLYON Business School, France. He is also a Distinguisehd visiting scholar at Lancaster University and Adjunct Professor at Copenhagen Business School.
His research interests focus on strategy and strategizing, organizational change, multinational corporations and globalization, management education, and methodological issues in management research. He has worked especially on discursive and narrative perspectives.


1992 Helsinki School of Economics (MSc)

1993 Helsinki University of Technology (MSc)

1999 Helsinki School of Economics (PhD)


Professor of Management and Organization, Aalto University School of Business

Permanent Visiting Professor, EMLYON Business School

Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Lancaster University

Adjunct Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Member of Editorial Board of Academy of Management Discoveries, Organization Studies, Organization, Nordiske Organisasjonsstudier, Scandinavian Journal of Management, Série K d’Economies et Sociétés, Strategic Organization and Strategic Management Journal 


Managing the Research Process

Strategy, Organisational change, Qualitative research, Discourse and communication analysis, Internationalization and globalization, nagement education, philosophy of science

Courses taughtTop

  1. MBA - Mergers and Acquisitions course
  2. Ph.D. -  Critical thinking course

Research InterestTop

  1. Organizational change (mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, shutdowns)
  2. Discourse and communication in strategy and strategizing
  3. Critical perspectives on MNCs and globalization
  4. Methodological and epistemological issues in management and organization research