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Eric Vogler professor of strategy management


Professor of Strategy

Strategy and organization

Specialized for more than 20 years in Strategy and services, Eric Vogler is teaching Strategy, Service Marketing, Service Operation Management, Service Quality and CRM in services. He supervized during 4 years the MS Service Management. His Doctoral Thesis observed diversification in services and focused on the role of past acquired knoledges of the staff in the success of the diversification project. Eric Vogler wrote two books (in French) on service management, published several research on this topic, particularly on the role of middle management in the strategic process. He is tutoring entrepreneurs in the service field. He is doing some consulting by helping managers in strategic planning. He is currently the co-supervisor of the Recycling Chaire “Eco-Emballages”.


  1. 2001 Doctoral theses - Lyon III University, France

Thesis : " Are acquired skills an obstacle to the learning of new competencies? The case of a professional services company in the context of internal diversification" under the supervision of Roland Calori

  1. 1992 DEA in Management Science - Lyon III University, France
  2. 1991 Master in Management - EMLYON Business School, France


Since 2000 Personalized Tutoring of more than 100 entrepreneurs in Rhône-Alpes, France

  1. 2006 Audit of the Service Operations, Carlson-Wagonlits France (business travel management)
  2. 2006 Animation of the Executive  Comitee of Carlon Wagonlits France (business travel management) and optimization of the organizational relationships Marketing/Operations
  3. 2006 Executive Comitee of DIAC Portugal (subsidiary of Renault in Credit) in Lisbon on organizational structure optimization
  1. 2007 Strategic Planning « Un Futur d’Avance » for GFC (subsidiary of Bouygues Construction)
  1. 2008 - 2009 Strategic Planning for Vacanciel (30 resorts in France)
  1. 2010  Strategic Planning for Sita Sud-Ouest
  2. 2010 - 2011 Animation Reorganization of the Network of branches of In Extenso (Accounting)
  3. 2012 Diversification opportunities for Bourbon (offshore marine services)
  4. 2012 The Future of Waste Management in france (Sita Centre Est, subsidiary of Suez Environnement)



Courses taughtTop

  1. MSc Program

- Management Stratégique

- Management Stratégique des Services

  1. MS Services program

- Management Stratégique des Services

- Responsable de Centre de Profit

- Gestion des Opérations de Services

  1. PGM-DUA-EMBA Programs

- Stratégie et Mise en Œuvre de la Stratégie

Research InterestTop

  1. The contribution of middle management to the strategic process in service firms
  2. The Future of recycling in France