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Jean Clarke, PhD, Strategy & Organization


Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organization

Strategy & Organization

Jean Clarke’s research explores how language and other cultural resources are used by entrepreneurs to create meaning and develop legitimacy. This includes non-verbal resources (body, dress, space) used as part of behavioral displays and interactions. She also has an interest in socially situated and embodied cognition in the entrepreneurial context.



  1. 2004-2007 PhD, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  2. 2003-2004 MSc in Occupational Psychology (Distinction), Institute of Work Psychology (IWP), University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  3. 1999–2002 BSc in Psychology, Queens University, Belfast


Further Qualifications

  1. 2015 Babson SEE Programme for Entrepreneurship Educators
  2. 2010-2011 Teaching in High Education Award (Professional Standard 1)


  1. 2017-present Visiting Professor at Leeds University Business School
  2. 2014-2016  Professor Leeds University Business School (LUBS), University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
  3. 2011–2014 Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Organization (LUBS)
  4. 2008–2011 Lecturer in Entrepreneurship (LUBS)
  5. 2007–2008 Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) funded Post-doctoral Research Fellow
  6. 2005–2007 Research Assistant on Networking Northwest Regional Evaluation Project

Scientific CommitteesTop

  1. Senior Editor: Organization Studies
  2. Associate Editor:Journal of Management Inquiry


  1. Entrepreneurship and small business
  2. Multi-modal metaphor
  3. Visual methodologies
  4. Narrative and Identity
  5. Embodied cognition


  2. EGOS

Courses taughtTop

  1. PG30 Crafting the Entrepreneurial Story: Narrative and Persuasion in Entrepreneurship
  2. PG31 Psychology of Entrepreneurship: How Entrepreneurs Think

Research InterestTop

Journal Articles

Clarke, J., Cornelissen, J. and Healey, M. (2018). Actions speak louder than words: How figurative language and gesturing in entrepreneurial pitches influences investment judgements. Academy of Management Journal, doi.org/10.5465/amj.2016.1008

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Chapters in books

Viney, R., Clarke, J. and Cornelissen, J. (2016), Embodied communication: Non-verbal behaviours in interaction. The Sage Handbook of Business and Management Research Methods. Edited by C. Cassell, A. Cunliffe, and G. Grandy.

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Thorpe, R. and Clarke, J. (2008), Performance in small firms, In R. Thorpe and J. Holloway (eds.)Perspectives on Performance. London: Sage.

Book Reviews

Clarke, J. (2009), Review of the book Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Growth and Performance: Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research by Hans Landström, Hans Crijns, Eddy Laveren,International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 15(5), 519-521

Clarke, J. (2009), Review of the book The Manager’s Tale: Stories of Managerial Identity, by Patrick Reedy,Business History, 51(5) 2009, 788 - 789.


Financial Times online video interview:


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What makes a successful entrepreneur – and can you learn it from watching The Apprentice? The Guardian, 25th of October, 2010.

Academic duo delves into the gestures behind success, Yorkshire Post, 30th of December, 2008.

Communications & SeminarsTop

Conference Papers

Clarke, J. and Holt, R. (2017). The Gothic Entrepreneur: Ruskin and the Re-humanising of entrepreneurship. EGOS, Copenhagen.

Clarke, J. and Holt, R. (2016). Drawing out metaphors of the entrepreneurship process. Academy of Management Conference Anaheim.

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Report for Funding Body

Clarke, J., Creasey, R., Marshall, A. and Thorpe, R. (2007), Experiencing Engineering: An exploration into the lived experience of female engineering students and lecturers in Leeds University School of Engineering. Report for UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology.

Thorpe, R., Clarke, J., Gold, J. and Anderson, L. M. (2005), An evaluation of Micro Networking in the North West. Report for Northwest Regional Development Agency.