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Associate Professor

Markets & Innovation

Before joining emlyon, Lynn was part of the technical staff of AT&T Labs Research from 1995 to 1998. She also held senior positions in user interface design by several companies such as Axance.com (Paris, 2001-2002), Adobe (2002-2004) and Autodesk (2005-2007) and was self-employed consultant for data analysis and data visualization projects (since 2007).
Lynn has a strong international reputation among companies and key players at the crossing of data mining and data science.
She holds a PhD in Linguistics (with courses in HCI, computer science and ethnography) from Standford University, CA.

With her outstanding experience in data science, Lynn will contribute to the development of an emlyon data science for business offer.


Ph.D. (1995)  Stanford University, Linguistics.

M.Phil. (1990) Cambridge University, Computer Speech and Language Processing.

B.A. (1989) University of Maryland, College Park, Linguistics.


Knight Chair Fellowship, 2015, University of Miami.

Clayman Institute of Gender Studies Graduate Award, Stanford University, 1994.

National Science Foundation Fellowship, 1990.

Patents :

“Viewer for Multi-Dimensional Data From a Test Environment,” Patent awarded 2012 for work at The Mathworks (legal docket MWS-252), co-inventors James Owen, Jenifer Tidwell, Rong Chen, 2005

 “Methods and Apparatus for Establishing Configuration Settings Between Applications,” Patent awarded 2010, from work at Adobe (legal docket ADO05-07(B095)), co-inventors Lars Borg, Manish Kulkarni, Ken Kameda, 2005.


  • Visiting Knight Chair,University of Miami(Journalism) (2015-2016)
  • Data Analysis Consultant,Kensho(financial startup) (2013-2015)
  • Consultant for Data Analysis and Data-Oriented Design Projects,Ghostweather Research & Design, LLC.  (2007 – 2015)
  • User Experience Research & Design/Marketing Consultant,SolidWorks Corporation(CAD software) (2007 —2010)
  • Platform Product Design Manager,Autodesk, Inc.(architectural design software)  (2005—2007)
  • Principal Usability Specialist,The Mathworks, Inc.(engineering and data software) (2004—2005)
  • Senior Interaction Designer,Adobe Systems, Inc.(Creative Suite products) (2002—2004)
  • Director of Research and Development,Axance.com(web usability) (2001—2002)
  • Manager, UI and Usability Group / Individual Contributor,TiVo, Inc. (consumer electronics) (2000)
  • Senior User Interface Designer,Excite, Inc.(web portal) (1998—2000)
  • Member of Technical Staff, HCI Research Group,AT&T Labs Research(1995—1998)
  • Part-time Employee/Consultant,SRI International(speech and text analysis) (1991—1993)

Scientific CommitteesTop

Participated in conference reviews for multiple conferences in HCI and information visualization in the past 10 years. (Conferences are the main “publication” venue in these fields.)

Co-Chair of the Open Vis Conference, a conference on open source visualization methods in academia and journalism, Boston, past 4 years.

Co-organized Digital Humanities and Journalism Conference at University of Miami, Sept 2016.


Data analysis, analytics, natural language processing, databases, Python, Javascript, data visualization, web applications, user interface design, user research (qual and quant), ethnography.

Courses taughtTop

Business Analyst Toolbelt (Excel, SQL, Tableau) MK341

Text Mining for Business MK993

Python Bootcamp MK34

Data Mining and Text Analysis (s2 2017)

Research InterestTop

Creativity in AI and machine learning, text analysis and visualization, data visualization, data analysis.

Communications & SeminarsTop

2016: JSM (Statistical Society Annual Meeting, Chicago), invited panelist, data vis consulting.

2016: DATO Data Science Conference (San Francisco), invited speaker, search tools.

2016: EYEO Conference (Minneapolis), invited speaker, text AI creativity apps.

2016: Alt-AI Conference (New York), invited speaker, text AI creativity apps.

2016: World Information Architecture Day (Miami), invited speaker, text visualization.

2015: NEASIST (Boston), invited speaker, data–vis design.

2014: Magick Codes (NY), invited speaker, text analysis of computer games

2013: Data Science (Boston), invited speaker on data visualization.

2013: OpenVis Conference (Boston), text analysis of bestsellers

2012: Strata Conference (NY), network visualization