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Vincent Giolito focuses his research on the intersection of Strategy and Leadership, i.e. how executives and entrepreneurs “get things done” on a daily basis towards the goals of their organizations by making right and correcting wrong choices, through the way they influence their teams and other stakeholders.


Doctorate in Business Administration, with high distinction and congratulations from the jury, Université Paris-Dauphine, 2014.

Masters in Business Administration, Insead, 2004

Masters, Law (‘Business Law’), Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, 1993


Senior Fellow Researcher, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, 2014-19 (Baillet Latour chair on Error Management)

Independent consultant on digital media, strategy and leadership, 2006-14, Paris.

Deputy Editor, Le Figaro, in charge of the weekly business pages, 2000-05, Paris

Senior Business Reporter, head of department, Management magazine, 1995-2000, Paris

Scientific CommitteesTop

Reviewer, Academy of Management annual meeting, since 2012

Reviewer, Strategic Management Society, since 2016


Strategy – microfoundations of firms’ dynamic capabilities: managerial cognitive capabilities, intuition, emotion, strategic errors, executive error management, diversity and inclusion

Leadership – inclusive leadership; ‘positive’ forms of leadership: authentic, servant, ethical leadership, and transformational; positive psychology;


Academy of Management

Strategic Management Society

Society of Business Ethics

Courses taughtTop

Executive MBA: Managing Innovation

Managing Errors in Organizations

Navigating theories in Executive doctoral studies

Research InterestTop

How executives and managers use and develop their intelligence (cognitive, intuitive, social) to devise and implement sustainable strategies to the benefit of all their stakeholders.

Communications & SeminarsTop

Academy of Management annual meeting: since 2011

Strategic Management Society

Society of Business Ethics

2017-19: The Conference Board. Errors in digital transformationsBrussels, Milan.

2018: Société Royale d’Économie Politique de Belgique.La pire erreur de management.Brussels.

2018: Insead directors’ network. What is an organizational error? And what to do about it?Brussels.

2017: B19 (professional association).Les mirages du bonheur au travail.Brussels.

2016: Lufthansa Human Factors Conference.Errors on the flight deck to the CEO office.Frankfort.

2016: Neoma Business School.Error management on the executive agenda.Rouen (France).