New book: A manager's guide to disruptive innovation

New book: A manager's guide to disruptive innovation


Why great companies fail in the face of disruption and how to make sure your company doesn’t

Somewhere, a startup is at work disrupting your business. How can a company avoid the fate of once successful firms such as Kodak or Blockbuster? 

In A Manager’s Guide to Disruptive Innovation, Philippe Silberzahn unravels the mechanisms of disruption, explain why great companies fail, and suggests concrete ways to turn disruptions into opportunities. 

“Companies often maintain the belief that sticking to their core business and customer base will see them prosper in the face of disruption”, writes Silberzahn. Disruptions mean targeting a new set of customers. 

Nestle prospered hugely from the decision to support the development of the Nespresso side project – even though it took over 20 years and two failed launches to come to fruition. 

In the end, successful innovation is not about creativity or devising bold, blue sky projects, but about transforming management. “Companies must develop a management system that allows for this type of internal innovation. Ultimately, if management is inflexible and manages budgets ‘too well’, disruptive projects will be asphyxiated, and disruptors will eventually usurp the business.”


Diateino publishing 2018

About the author 

As a consultant, keynote speaker and management educator, Philippe Silberzahn works with large companies confronted to disruptions in their markets. A recognized expert in innovation and entrepreneurship, he has authored and co-authored five books as well as many academic articles on these topics. After a long career as an entrepreneur, he is now an Associate Professor at emlyon business school in France.

He is also a Research Fellow at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France and a visiting lecturer at HEC Paris and CEDEP Fontainebleau. He holds a PhD from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France and an MBA from the London Business School.


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