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Recruit our early makers

EMLYON Educating Entrepreneurs for the world

The Career Center invite you to come and meet our students to: 

 - Enhance the visibility of your employer brand,

 - Promote your company's image and culture,

 - Identify the people and potential best suited to you,

 - Recruit top talent

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emlyon Careers forum (Lyon): 14th - 15th - 16th January, 2019
Finance Careers Days (Lyon): 4th October, 2018
Vocation Days (Lyon): 15th -16th -17th -18th October, 2018 ; (Paris): 9th October 2018 ; (Saint Etienne): 23th October & 20th November 2018
Digital Night (Lyon): 7th March 2019 ; (Paris): 21 November 2018

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Our “early makers” have a proven capacity to think ahead, understand and act quickly. They are innovators capable of turning ideas into action and transforming concepts into prototypes. They build, knock down and rebuild until it works.

Our “early makers” work in a multidisciplinary environment. They are adept at using new technologies and understand their potential. They are open to the world around them and sensitive to social considerations.

Download this document to get an overview of all programmes taught at EMLYON

Recruit our students

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