General Goals

Our major contribution is the creation and dissemination of research on entrepreneurial finance to enhance transparency and mutual comprehension between entrepreneurs and financiers.

Research activities are bundled by internal and external faculty members and improve the reach of our scholarly output in seminars, workshops, and colloquia where we also invite practitioners.

The ReCEntFin website links and provides up-to-date activities on:

  •  working papers of our members
  •  research projects of our members
  •  communication, exchanges, and networking with EMLYON alumni who work in the field
  •  education and access to finance for entrepreneurs coming out of EMLYON and its affiliations
  •  public conferences focusing on the financial aspects of entrepreneurial activities


Outline of our Research Activities

Research on entrepreneurial finance encompasses the relationship between suppliers of capital and entrepreneurial ventures.

Aims of research in this field are directed towards enhancing the mutual understanding of entrepreneurs and capital suppliers as well as at increasing the transparency and comprehension of the entrepreneurial finance market for a broad public. This allows more efficient allocation of resources to the start-up ventures that require them and an appreciation of individuals, communities, and institutions which provide financial resources. As a result, start-up activity can be spurred and chances of entrepreneurial success improved.

It seems natural that a business school, which focuses on educating entrepreneurs for the world, also puts a strong emphasis on the financial aspects of entrepreneurship. In this regard, the ReCEntFin serves the core strategy of EMLYON Business School with respect to excellence in education, knowledge creation and transfer, networking, and representing the creation of entrepreneurs for the world.