Alexander Groh starts a sabbatical year as Senior Visiting Research Scholar at UC Berkeley (September 2018)


Inauguration of the Entrepreneurial Finance Association (July 2018)
Two ReCEntFin members are cofounders of this association. (Link to Entrepreneurial Finance Association will follow!)


Paper published in Economics Bulletin (June 2018)
Alperovych Y., Quas A. & Standaert T. 2018. Direct and Indirect Government Venture Capital Investments in Europe. Economics Bulletin, 28(2): 1219-1230.


Paper published in Journal of Corporate Finance (June 2018)
Cumming, D. & Groh, A. 2018. Entrepreneurial Finance: Unifying Themes and Future Directions, Journal of Corporate Finance, 50, June 2018: 538-555.


Paper published in European Economic Review (May 2018)
Cumming, D., Groh, A. & Johan, S. 2018. Same Rules Different Enforcement: Market Abuse in Europe, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 54, May 2018: 130-151.


Paper published in Journal of Banking & Finance (May 2018)
Bertoni F. & Lugo, S. 2018. Detecting abnormal changes in credit default swap spreads using matching-portfolio models. Journal of Banking & Finance, 90: 146–158.


Paper published in Journal of Industrial and Business Economics (February 2018)
Quas, A. & D’Adda, D. 2018. Entrepreneurial ventures seeking external equity: whether, when, where… and why not? Journal of Industrial and Business Economics, February 2018: 1–24.


Paper published in European Economic Review (January 2018)
Andrieu, G. & Groh, A. 2018. Specialist versus generalist investors: Trading off support quality, investment horizon and control rights. European Economic Review, 101: 459-478.


Nils Lang joins the Research Center for Entrepreneurial Finance (October 2017)
Nils specializes on Venture Capital investments and VC contract design and follows a joint PhD degree with Jean Moulin University Lyon III.


Article published in Harvard Business Review France (March 2017)
Sannajust A & Meier O. (2017). Déviance et Biais Cognitifs dans le cas de retrait de cote.