Alexander Groh starts a sabbatical year as Senior Visiting Research Scholar at UC Berkeley (September 2018)


Inauguration of the Entrepreneurial Finance Association (July 2018)
Two members of the ReCEntFin are cofounders of this association. (


Paper published in Economics Bulletin (June 2018)
Alperovych Y., Quas A. & Standaert T. 2018. Direct and Indirect Government Venture Capital Investments in Europe. Economics Bulletin, 28(2): 1219-1230.


Paper published in Journal of Corporate Finance (June 2018)
Cumming, D. & Groh, A. 2018. Entrepreneurial Finance: Unifying Themes and Future Directions, Journal of Corporate Finance, 50, June 2018: 538-555.


Paper published in European Economic Review (May 2018)
Cumming, D., Groh, A. & Johan, S. 2018. Same Rules Different Enforcement: Market Abuse in Europe, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 54, May 2018: 130-151.


Paper published in Journal of Banking & Finance (May 2018)
Bertoni F. & Lugo, S. 2018. Detecting abnormal changes in credit default swap spreads using matching-portfolio models. Journal of Banking & Finance, 90: 146–158.


Paper published in Journal of Industrial and Business Economics (February 2018)
Quas, A. & D’Adda, D. 2018. Entrepreneurial ventures seeking external equity: whether, when, where… and why not? Journal of Industrial and Business Economics, February 2018: 1–24.


Paper published in European Economic Review (January 2018)
Andrieu, G. & Groh, A. 2018. Specialist versus generalist investors: Trading off support quality, investment horizon and control rights. European Economic Review, 101: 459-478.


Nils Lang joins the Research Center for Entrepreneurial Finance (October 2017)
Nils specializes on Venture Capital investments and VC contract design and follows a joint PhD degree with Jean Moulin University Lyon III.


Article published in Harvard Business Review France (March 2017)
Sannajust A & Meier O. (2017). Déviance et Biais Cognitifs dans le cas de retrait de cote.