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Scancor - The Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research

EMLYON Educating Entrepreneurs for the world

Host Institution

Educating Entrepreneurs for the World is at the heart of everything we do at EMLYON. 

Educating - life-long learning is our core commitment; entrepreneurs - we believe the world needs entrepreneurs capable of creating new wealth and value; for - our vision is of leaders who know how to distribute fairly the value they have created; and the World - because succeeding in business today requires experience in the wide range of cultural and economic systems across the world.

About the workshop

Institutional theory has been a dominant school of thought in organization theory for over four decades. Nonetheless, this approach faces several pressing theoretical and methodological challenges.

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Conference program

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Comments from attendees

“SCANCOR PhD workshop is the Woodstock of academiaLasse Folke Henriksen

“It is definitely a 'must' for every PhD student interested in institutional and organizational research.” Birthe Soppe

“It really makes you feel part of a communityMara Brumana