Early Makers

emlyon business school connects communities of learners and change-makers across the globe, acting as a mediator between the worlds of science, engineering, humanities, art and the various business worlds. We will create hybrids of local and global dimensions, academic and emotional intelligence, human and artificial intelligence.

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Because, more than ever, the entrepreneurs of tomorrow will be makers and visionaries, with the ability to anticipate and innovate, to experiment and transform: more than ever, we are revealing early makers.

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Our school is committed

Our CSR commitments are expressed as real actions that are meaningful for our students, graduates and staff, and contribute to development in our field.

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Student Life

Getting involved in clubs and societies is an integral part of the culture at emlyon business school. It’s an incredibly instructive gateway between student life and working life, giving everyone the opportunity to get involved in a worthwhile initiative, to test and improve themselves, to enterprise and to innovate.

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International opportunities

emlyon business school has partnerships with 181 universities worldwide. Each year, around 1,000 students benefit from these partnerships, completing part of their studies on campuses abroad.

International opportunities


The digital revolution is pushing us to do more to change our model, as we cater to new student and business needs. The aim is to transform the school and secure its place among the world's top business education providers.

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